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CD Review - September 2012


By Michael Insuaste

MothershipJust when you think rock and roll is dead, along comes a band that will knock your socks off and hurl your ass to the back of the bus. Welcome aboard the Mothership!

This three-piece, hard driving band out of Dallas, Texas has recaptured a sound previously watered down by time and through technology. With their self-titled CD available now, this trio of hard rocking musicians have recaptured the era of the guitar driven '70s in all its rock glory.

The eight-song selection has the familiar heavy guitar riffs and pounding drumbeats drenched in cosmic blues and soul reminiscent of early ZZ Top. The disc starts out with "Hallucination," a slow pulsating spacey number that kicks into a rhythmic tone that takes the listener back to the early days of Black Sabbath. These three talented musicians have taken a once forgotten resonance and breathed new life in to it while putting their own signature and thumb print.

Perhaps the song "City Nights" sums it all up. This fast-paced, straight-up rocker is the epitome of '70s rock and roll. If you didn't know any better, you would think Mothership actually channeled the souls of the individuals who made rock music such a glorious sound back then. Track after track, this CD will kick your ass from beginning to end.

What's interesting about the composite of songs this disc represents are the ancestral characteristic comparisons each song compels you to feel. For instance, "Angel of Death" - no comparison to Slayer mind you - is an excellent example of a throwback rock sound experienced in today's baby boomers teenage years. The last song on the disc, "Lunar Master," is a tune with lyrics reminiscent of those 'born to be free' moments Steppenwolf so brilliantly captured. It has a fantastic guitar solo and heavy rhythm changes throughout gearing down to a slow, melodic groove jam that cleverly seals the deal on this disc.

Simply put, the self-titled debut by Mothership is a rock and roll gem that needs to be experienced over and over again. The band consists of vocalist brothers Kyle, (bass and vocals) and Kelley Juett (lead guitar and vocals), with Judge Smith anchoring the drums. Rock and Rroll is alive and kicking in the Lone Star state.

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