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Concert Review - July 2016

July 7, 2016
Skyway Theater
Minneapolis, MN

By Jeff Mozey
Photo by Jeff Mozey

Garbage Returns To Skyway Theater

Garbage Returns To Skyway TheaterAs singer Shirley Manson of Garbage grabbed her leopard printed mic stand, she began to sing the lyrics of the opening song "Sometimes." Everyone in the crowd at the Skyway Theater, seemed to have their cell phones in hand to capture a video/photo of the band. This proved to be a difficult task for all photographers. The stage was dark as Manson started the show with the slow, mysterious version of the song. The use of only smoke and a bright strobe light going off from the back of the stage provided a novel effect.

The band quickly sped things up and jumped into three very well known songs, "Paranoid," "Stupid Girl," and "Special." I could hear the voices of the fans and feel the energy behind me as they shouted along with each song. As the show went on, various stage lighting moved and bounced off of the stage smoke and added to the energy and feel of each song. The glare really showed off Manson's bright pink hair and gave each tune a completely different vibe. Following the third song, her hair went up into a bun and she spent the remainder of the evening energetically moving about the stage.

Garbage Returns To Skyway TheaterMinneapolis holds a special place for Garbage, as it was the first place the band performed, November 1995. This was apparent several times, as Manson thanked the audience and mentioned that Minneapolis was where it all started. Between songs, Manson entertained the audience with her personal stories as well as her views on social media. She was very vocal about her personal beliefs and it was apparent that she speaks what is on her mind without holding back. But only a loud applause of support could be heard each time she shared an opinion. During a brief time of technical difficulties, she asked the crowd if they liked her new hair cut which was met with only a positive response. While waiting as the crew swapped out her microphone, she danced about the stage as the band improvised a tune for her. Their 20-years as a band was evident, they are skilled entertainers and work very well together.

Guitar players, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker both held down their respective side of the stage, entertaining the audience with their energy and skill. Unfortunately, drummer Butch Vig was not present due to illness. Manson mentioned that it was strange to play on stage without him. So in dedication to butch, Garbage played a song off the new album that Butch wrote alone, "Even Though Our Love is Doomed."

This was the second stop on the Strange Little Birds U.S. tour for the band. Garbage played a total of twenty two songs including their new single "Empty" from the new album, Strange Little Birds, which was met by loud applause from the crowd. The twenty two song set produced about two hours of energetic, non-stop entertainment. Many headlining artists might play for a fraction of that time, but Garbage really gave the fans their all. Minneapolis was glad to have Garbage back and look forward to their next stopover, in Manson’s words, to where it all started.

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