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August 9, 2017
Mystic Lake Ampitheater
Prior Lake, MN USA
Review by Andy Olson
Photos by Jeff Mozey


All The Pop Punk Things!

One of the premier pop punk bands has made their return to the land of over 10,000 lakes. Grammy nominated Blink-182 was here to show off some new tunes and classic songs for all the fans in attendance. Fortunately, it had stopped raining right before the gates opened to the venue. I am sure that most people were worried that the outdoor show would be canceled as the skies had darkened and there was a prediction of rain. However, what seemed doomed to be a very wet evening, ended up being a fantastic night.

Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!

Australian Opener Atlas Genius performed a short set, to ready the crowd for the main act. Atlas Genius had a solid live sound with an almost perfect mix. One could argue that he had a better live sound over Blink-182. The kick Drum was punchy, vocals at the perfect volume, and everyone was sounded really tight together. When doing vocals, Singer/guitar player Keith Jeffery also entertained the crowd by walking side to side on the stage and showing his guitar skills to his very large group of fans.

Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!

It was Less Than A year ago, when Blink-182 performed here in Minnesota. Blink-182 took on the Xcel Energy Center with an over 18,000 seating capacity. Now fans got a more intimate performance at Mystic Amphitheater. Blink fans could now get an easy view of the stage from almost anywhere. I am sure that everyone who attended could agree that Mystic Lake is the better choice in a venue.

Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!

Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Matt Skiba, were all here to bring the pop punk back into the ears of Minnesotans. Does that line up seem odd to you? Well not too long ago, Singer and Guitarist Tom DeLong left the band and Matt Skiba from the band Alakine Trio took his place. Even with the lineup change, that still did not seem to affect the attendance. A sea of people could still be seen from all around, no matter what direction you looked. Blink-182 could not have performed a better list of songs for the time frame they had. Starting with Feeling This, I could hear fans singing all the words from around me. I am not sure if I have been to a show where so many people knew all the words to so many of the songs. Even newer songs like “Cynical, Los Angeles, and She’s Out of Her Mind” were sang loud from happy concert goers. I do wish that the band had slipped in a few some older tunes such as Josie and Carousel, but overall it was a nice song list. A few songs in and Mark Hoppus announces that he was responsible for making the rain stop, and that you should thank him. Blink-182 has always had a comedic side to themselves and their music. That is why they are one of the most fun bands to see live. No one seems to take themselves too seriously where many other groups do.

Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!

I have to mention how much of a beast Travis Barker is on the Drums. Considered one of the best drummers in the business, Travis gives it his all. You can really only appreciate how amazing of a drummer he is when you see him live. I really can’t put into words what makes Travis so good. Just go see him live and you will understand. From his movements and facial expressions you can tell he feels the music and loves it and as a musician myself, I really appreciate that.

Blink-182 All The Pop Punk Things!

Right before the closing song “Dammit”, Bassist Mark Hoppus puts on a mask of Olaf from the Frozen movie. It looks hilarious and goes back to the point that Blink-182 does not take themselves too seriously. As he performed the rest of the song in the mask, confetti rained in the sky and then the next thing you know, the show was over. The band performed close to an Hour and a half but I still wanted more. I look forward to seeing Blink-182 again and attending Mystic Lake Casino for a future performances.

Song List:
Feeling this
Rock Show
Anthem Part 2
What’s My Age Again
First Date
Bored To Death
Built This Pool
I Miss You
Reckless Abandon
She’s Out of Her Mind
Wendy Clear
Happy Holidays
Dysentary Gary
Los Angeles
All The Small Things
Brohemian Rhapsody

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