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Dallas Prog and Power Metal Band Return With Hard Hitting CD
Infidel Rising A Complex Divinity on Pure Steel Records CD Review by Jeff Dennis

At first listen, the new Infidel Rising cd will have you thinking that this has to be a band from Finland or Sweden, and then you find out they are from Dallas/Ft. Worth and you can't believe Texas is pumping out gems such as this! This is the band's sophomore release and it took some time to come out, but worth the wait as they say. This opus was recorded by the band after many mishaps and mastered by Mira Kiiski for Pure Steel Records and is a must have for any Prog/Power metal fans.

The album wastes no time after the intro when the blistering "All The Fear" jumps off the disc and smacks you in the face, followed by two more ass kickers "Silence Of The Night" and "Ov Wormwood". Mixed in are a couple of mid-tempo anthems, "Let Wisdom Speak" and "As Reality Dies" and "Beautifully Drowned". Included also is a lightning-fast barn burner called "Shadow Maker' which kicks into its sinewy riff after an eerie piano intro courtesy of Aaron Walton, who actually shines on the whole track and album.

The highlight may truly be considered a masterpiece, is the triumphant "Follow Your Light" which features one of the most gut wrenching, goose bump giving guitar solos I have heard in a quite a while from the fingers of guitarist Rafael Quintana, who actually shines on the whole release. The three headed monster known as Travis Wills (vocals) Wayne Stokley (Drums) and Chris Herring (Bass) round out this lineup of some of the most talented musicians around and all sound phenomenal on this slab of memorable classics!

I had already put this album in my top 3 Texas releases this year before I even took it out of the plastic, because let's face it, somethings you just know!

A Complex Divinity
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Author & Photographer: Jeff Dennis
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