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Alestorm Brings Their Pirate Metal Party to Dallas

"Pirate Party Time" returned to Dallas as the mighty Alestorm dropped anchor at the Granada Theater. Fans, many of whom were dressed in pirate garb, were lined up around the building, swords (plastic and blow up) in hand.

Gloryhammer opened the night by taking fans on a trip through intergalactic time and space. Gloryhammer is the creation of Alestorm's Christopher Bowes, who came up with the concept, wrote the material and formerly played keyboards live with the band. The music was epic power metal, and the songs told tales of warriors, wizards and the magical Kingdom of Fife. Each band member portrayed a character in the story, complete with costumes and armor. Don't let their image fool you as they are all fantastic musicians as well.

This was the first time Gloryhammer has come to Texas with new vocalist, Sozos Michael, who showed that he not only has the pipes to replace their previous singer, but also the charisma to portray the story's main character, Angus McFife. The raucous and appreciative crowd enthusiastically sang along to their favorite songs, including "Gloryhammer," "The land of Unicorns," "Fly Away" and of course "Angus McFife," At the end of their set, good had conquered evil and fans said their farewells to the Kingdom of Fife.

With the crowd now thoroughly warmed up, it was time for everyone's favorite Scottish Pirate Metal Band, Alestorm, to take the stage. They opened the show hard and fast with favorites, "Keelhauled" and "Pirate Metal Drinking Crew," and never slowed down. Alestorm was always about getting drunk and having a good time and their fans continued to spread that message. They sang along and drank heavily as beach balls bounced around and mosh pits appeared. During the song "Nancy the Tavern Wench," the crowd rocked back and forth in synch, making rowboat motions as the band played.

Alestorm's current lineup, including founder, vocalist and keytarist, Christopher Bowes, guitarist Mate "Bobo" Bodor, bassist Gareth Murdock, drummer Peter Alcorn and keyboardist Elliot Vernon appeared to be having just as much fun onstage as their audience. It didnt hinder the music, though, as Alestorm sounded better than ever! Pundits have agreed that "Bobo" was the best guitarist in Hungary and listening to him play only reaffirmed that. Other highlights from the set included "The Sunk'n Norwegian," "Captain Morgan's Revenge," "Mexico," "Drink" and "Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship." As the party closed, Alestorm sent everyone home happy with the final profanity laced, drunken sing along, "Fucked With An Anchor."

Personally, this was the most FUN I've had at a concert in a while. If you have a sense of humor, don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy good metal, see this show while theyre on tour.

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Author & Photographer: Andy Laudano
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