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Sultry Blues Sirens The Majestic
Beth Hart The Majestic Theatre April 19, 2022 Photos by Will Crews

Beth Hart came on like a powerhouse filling the room of the beautiful Majestic Theatre with her rendition of a bluesy Led Zeppelin medley. Beginning her show with "When The Levee Breaks", Beth walked right up and sat on the edge of the stage, which was quite bold. Totally captivating the audience from the start. Continuing on with another Zep number "No Quarter" set the mood so perfectly. But halfway through, she transitioned into "Babe Im Gonna Leave You" which you can imagine had the audience in total awe; and smoothly slid back into NQ to finish off her opening numbers.

This sultry crooner had the crowd in the palm of her hand as she sat behind the piano and told stories a life and the meaning behind the songs such as, Southern Gospel Feel, before "Spirit Of God". This song depicted her time singing in a church choir as a young child.Between songs, Beth even brought out and introduced her husband; who I believe is her tour manager and told how meeting him changed her life in many ways.

Beth opened up her heart and spun her magic, making the audience feel what she was feeling. If she wasn't behind the piano, she was right up at the edge of the stage, with her feet hanging over. While the Les Paul guitar whined like a lonesome runaway train, at times sounding like a sad harmonica. Beth screamed like a wild cat breaking open a place that she surly held sacred in her jar of tricks. It was quite amazing, breathtaking at times.

The show ended up close and personal with an acoustic set with her band at the edge of the stage. Beth literally danced in her seat leaving the house totally satisfied.

The opening act for the show was King Solomon Hicks! What a wonderful way to warm up the crowd with his smooth, yet gentle blues. He played guitar accompanied by only his touring bass player. A short set for this young man and as a humble musician KSH was gracious enough to meet in the lobby during intermission to take photos with the fans, sign autographs and mingled by the bar. King Solomon Hicks has been on this leg of the tour for several weeks and both artists are growing more and more recognition city by city.I even spotted him watching Beth's performance standing at the side of the venue walls.

If you love the blues and a rocking southern siren, catch Beth Hart on her "2022 Thankful" tour this Spring as she performs through out the U.S.

A personal Thank You to Jon Bleicher for his help getting JAM Magazine setup to review this show. Another night to remember!

Beth Hart
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Author: Michelle Johnson
Photographer: Will Crews
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