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Reggae CaliVibes At Marina Green Park
Reggae CaliVibes At Marina Green Park Photos by Fabien Castro

If only we knew what we had coming

Lets first rewind back to February 7th, 2020, when I was invited to shoot Tomorrows Bad Seeds, a South Bay based reggae/punk/rock band, at the One Love Cali Fest in Long Beach California.

It was around noon on a Friday, so many people were lining up to get in, but still, the crowds anticipation you can feel the fun and energy as they waiting in line. They were not disappointed as Tomorrow's Bad Seed poured out their hearts with another awesome concert. After the TBS set it was time to go and check other bands such as; Ballyhoo!, as well as Tunnel Vision from San Diego.

In early 2021, I received a call from Moi J Queen (aka Mista Bad Seed) Tomorrows Bad Seeds singer. They were rehearsing again and looking for some new photo of the band! As a concert photographer who has not shot a show in over a years time, that call made me feel like I was slowly coming back to life! I was able to hang out with the band and be surrounded by friends, music and cameras once again. Still a long time to come until I was able to go back to shoot a full day festival.

After 2 years, it was back on!

The Reggae gathering in South Bay (with a new name) Calivibes Fest in Long Beach, CA at the Marina Green Park brought on the jams and the fans! Tomorrows Bad Seeds performed one of their best live performances I have yet witnessed.

Performing some of their classic numbers: "Reflect", "Vices", "Only for you", "Bad Seeds", "Early Prayers" but also presented the new single: "iBurn" which is a tune they did in collaboration with Dan Kelly from the band Fortunate Youth. The following day, Saturday the 5th, Fortunate Youth played a radical show of their own where the band was riding high and the crowd literally right there with them.

On Sunday, February 6th, I photographed Hirie for what would be another incredible performance. A laid back, yet super powerful set by their amazing front woman with a big Hawaiian heart! Perfect balance for a Sunday show which ended right before sunset. A great line from Hiries new song "Youniverse" couldnt be say much better, "We need music for the soul".

The artist line up mix of Calivibes Fest was just amazing, bands like: Tunnel Vision, Stick Figure, Shaggy, Iration, Rebelution, The Green, Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome and Pepper all brought out their unique energy in each performance.

Words cannot describe the vibe felt throughout the festival. The big smiles, the awesome attitude among the fans and artists and all the comradery from stage to the massive crowd the Magic was made and we were again together celebrating live Reggae music that has been sadly missed!

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Author & Photographer: Fabien Castro
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