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Quiet Riot
October 5, 2018
Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Dallas, TX

Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by David Gonzalez

Quiet Riot Loses Steam @ The Monkey

Quiet Riot Loses Steam @ The Monkey Photo by David GonzalezDo you remember Quiet Riot? If you go back to their beginning you would have to go way back to 1973, or even to the days when the late great Randy Rhodes was in the band, ’78, ’79, but lets fast-forward to 1983 when they had their radio success with the Metal Health LP. That was a great record and a great line up too, their swan song album for sure. Okay, so now fast-forward to 2018… and what we have is a watered down version of the ’83 line up with one original member, drummer Frankie Banali.

Knowing this, I could only expect so much from this band, so I walked in keeping my expectations low. I attended the show to have a good time, so I knew drinking would help, but even a shot of tequila and a few beers didn’t improve their set, as I found myself bored for most of the show.

Quiet Riot Loses Steam @ The Monkey Photo by David GonzalezKicking off with “Run For Cover” was a good start, and right into a few familiar numbers was a great move as they played “Slick Black Cadillac” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” back to back had the fans on their toes with horns in the air… but not for long and from there, it took a turn for all the new songs.

Not going to knock that bands new numbers because some are pretty good, straight up rock and roll songs, but with no air play and unfamiliarity, most fans didn't know them. ”Love’s A Bitch” “Party All Night” and Condition Critical” were done in true rock form and I personally enjoyed them. I believe I spotted some interest from the crowd. Some. 

Guitarist Alex Grossi is a good rock player but seem a bit worn out and just going through the motions. Bassist Chuck Wright seem happy to be playing anywhere, somewhere and truly glad to be on a stage, just lack of energy, even for a bass player. And the newest member, vocalist, American Idol fame, James Durban was there but not really. His performance was weak at best. I will give him an “A” for effort but in rock and roll, a good effort doesn’t cut it. Kinda felt like I was at a karaoke show or watching a Quite Riot tribute band, and actuality I was. Yikes!

Quiet Riot Loses Steam @ The Monkey Photo by David GonzalezThe man behind the kit, Mr. Frankie Banali, who now owns the name Quiet Riot and keeping what is left of that band alive, but barely kickin’, deserves credit from the fans. His drum skills are still good enough to rock the songs, still has his crazy ass hair and when it is all said and done having fun delivering the good, unfortunately, the goods are melting in your hands not in your mouth! 

They finished their set with the bands two biggest hits “Come On Feel The Noize” and what is now a rock anthem “Metal Health” that no matter who you are, if you love metal, you love Metal Health! No encore just a straight set of 15 songs and off the stage they went to meet the fans, for free, which is way cool! I commend them for that!

I don’t want to slam Quiet Riot, especially Frankie because I was a fan from their hay day when I first saw them back in 1983. Since then, they have had a revolving door of musicians come and go but even with this new line up, with a new young singer, their performance at Gas Monkey was like watching a worn out Harley burning smoke, making noise but going nowhere.