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September 2, 2019
Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Dallas, TX

Review by Andy Laudano
Photos by Andy Laudano

Sweden METAL Sweats It Up @ The Gas Monkey!

Sweden METAL Sweats It Up @ The Gas Monkey! Photos by Andy LaudanoOn a hot Summer night in Dallas, Sweden's Evergrey returned to the Gas Monkey Bar & Gill in support of their newest masterpiece, The Atlantic. The guys from Gothenburg opened the show with the first two tracks from the album, "A Silent Arc" and "Weightless" as the crowd roared its approval. 

It had been a little over two years since Evergrey last played at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. During that time vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tom S. Englund went through some hard times in his personal life. As is the case with many artists, the personal turmoil resulted in what many (including myself) consider to be their best album yet. In a time where most fans go to a show just to hear "the old shit," Tom and his bandmates, Henrik Danhage (guitars), Rikard Zander (keyboards), Johan Niemann (bass) and Jonas Ekdahl (drums), could have played the entire new album and no one would have been disappointed. 

But that was not the case.

While they did do one more new song, "All I Have" later in the show, the rest of the set was filled with classics and favorites. Highlights included "Recreation Day," "Black Undertow," "A Touch of Blessing" and the final encore "King of Errors." Another great show from one of Sweden's best.