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Dirty Honey
January 17, 2020
The Parish
Austin, TX

Review Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste, Sean Latimer and Jena Gillentine

Opening Night Of The Rolling 7’s Tour The Parish In Austin Texas!

Opening Night Of The Rolling 7ís Tour The Parish In Austin Texas! Photos by Jena GillentineThe long awaited debut solo tour for Dirty Honey final came to fruition Friday night, January 17th, at The Parish, a small little hole in the wall club on the famous 6th Street strip in Austin, Texas.

With a handful of hits, the band is doing well on the charts and gaining speed with a stern fan base. Dirty Honey can be easily called the hottest rock band to come out of 2019! Now, on their first solo tour, the LA based rockers will take on their fans head on with their hard driving, straight up rock and roll, and the anticipation is real!

On tour with opening band, The Amazons, a four piece outfit out of London UK, it's great to see Dirty Honey teaming up with another explosive young, high energy group. This band literally impressed the crowd.

Supporting their recent release, Future Dust, The Amazons started hard and finished harder with a short 45 minute set that included songs: “Fuzzy Time” “Mother” “25” “Doubt It” all from their new album. A sharp bluesy groove yet, an edgy alternate rock sound, The Amazons delivered a powerful set.

With front man Matt carrying the band on guitar and vocals but what left me impressed the most was their drummer Joe, and monster behind the kit, pounding like there was no tomorrow. A definite heavy influence from the late John Bonham of Led Zeppelin was brought forth in his style. Great live band!

Opening Night Of The Rolling 7ís Tour The Parish In Austin Texas! Photos by Michael InsuasteWith the room filling up nicely, Dirty Honey was greeted to a semi packed house, with fans waiting for them to kick off the show, especially being the opening night of the tour! The excitement was in the air and you can feel it.

The band hit the stage and started the show with “Scars” with what I believe is vocalist, Marc Labelle’s favorite number. From there, they rolled right into “Break You” and “Far Away” both from the debut EP but then, what we all been waiting for, Marc announced a new song, what I believe is called “Give Me Some Water”.

Dirty Honey has not invented a new style of rock and roll, in fact, they are carrying the classic rock sound many have been carving. In the tradition of many rock bands from the late seventies and early eighties, Dirty Honey is very familiar to bands like Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses but with a style all their own.

“Heartbreaker” is another fan favorite as the room was singing along with the chorus. At this point of the show, you can see the smiles on the bands faces. Guitarist John Notto playing up to the fans as well as bassist Justin Smolian, all enjoying the reception and love felt from the audience.

The bands latest efforts is a cover song by Aerosmith, "Last Child". The video was recently released and I must say, the band covers it pretty damn good, giving the classic rock number justice and well received by the crowd I may add. To describe Dirty Honey in a few words you can easily say a hard rock band with a bitchin' groove! Their style is unique with a strong stage presence, but you can see, hear and feel they are loving what they are doing!

Closing their set with their two biggest songs, "When I'm Gone" and Rolling 7's" had the crowd going nuts. A strong finish to a hard hitting performance, but I was a little disappointed. The show was too short. 65 minutes tops was just not enough live time! The band could have easily played a few more songs, even if they were covers, it could have gone a bit longer. The crowd were left screaming for one more tune that never came and as they say in Rock and Roll, you never leaving them wanting more!

Opening Night Of The Rolling 7ís Tour The Parish In Austin Texas! Photos by Sean Latimer

Dirty Honey is the rock band to catch live, they are currently playing across the east coast at the moment and selling out venues from city to city. So get your tickets early and make sure you get there early to see The Amazons, both bands are playing their ASSES OFF and the fans are loving it!