JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

January 13, 2022
The Rail Club Live
Fort Worth, TX

Review and Photos by Michelle Johnson

Tantric Makes A Return To Cowtown!

Before the show, upstairs in The Rail Club Live Green Room, Tantric gathered with friends and fans for a pre-party. I walked in the room and sat next to Hugo Ferreira. He looked relaxed and being quite quiet. He told me he was recovering from an 18 hour drive from Cleveland Ohio. I welcomed him to Fort Worth and asked him if he liked being back to Texas. Tantric has toured through Texas in the past and he said "I'm fond of DFW and San Antonio the most." Hugo is a multi-talented musician known for his baritone voice. He is the only original member of Tantric. Being on the self titled Tantric album released in 2001, recorded with Maverick Records, he is now the only founding tour band member. In the past, they have traveled and toured with bands like; Three Doors Down, Kid Rock, Creed and Lifehouse.

Tantric Live at The Rail Club Live Photos by Michelle Johnson

The members have changed through the years but the heart of the band remains. Sebastian LeBar (guitar/vocals) and Jonner Gulino (bass/vocals ) entered the band in 2017. Drummer John Loree is the newest member, joining in 2020. Tantric has a retro, radio friendly attraction. Their big hit single “Breakdown” had the crowd jumping around and singing along. You might remember other hits such as “Astounded” and “Mourning”. The tunes have a post-grunge alternative hard rock sound that gained them some commercial notoriety. Tantric played a excellent solid set. Sebastian’s warm Les Paul guitar sounds help give the band a very soulful vibe. They make you feel like they would have been just as happy to play for a house party or a stadium, because of their fun rocking out attitude.

Tantric Live at The Rail Club Live Photos by Michelle Johnson

With excitement of the first stop on their tour, I wished them luck as they packed the bus and headed to Shreveport, LA for their next show. Shout out to Hinder and Stonebreed for playing the stage as well. The Rail Club Live was packed and now they have another great show and performance for the adventure book.