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Austin Texas Southern Glam Metal Hits Cowtown
Dangerous Toys The Rail Club Live November 06, 2021 Photos by Michell Johnson

Fast forward to a post Covid performance from Dangerous Toys, founded in 1987 from Austin Texas, have released four full length albums. The band are known for their blend of glam/southern hard rock sound that formed in 1987. Bringing the live show to Fort Worth premier venue, The Rail Club Live, one might think they are hanging on to memories and a good name.

In comparison to the previous high energy rock show in January 2020 (pre-Covid), on the same stage, fans experienced and less ass shaking event with a little more drawn out commentary from front man Jason McMaster. Vocals of the season to lead singer as a controlled scream on a razor"s edge with funny phrases were still on point despite the ongoing technical difficulties.

I can hear reminiscence of thesound of the legendary singer Lane Staley which fits well with Scott Dalhovers grungy, southern, guitar leads and less than glam look. Paul Lidell held down a good rhythm with his custom built SG guitar as he shook his long strawberry blonde curls. I would say he was the only member that is keeping the hair metal vibe in this band alive. There is talent in the group but at times the synergy wasn't as noticeable as the diva attitudes. The lineup of local support delivered bringing fans and friends to pack The Rail Club Live. Fort Worth-based, Little Green Men definitely showed more exuberance than our headliner.

Dangerous Toys have been likened to a heavy-metal waterfall in the past. Unfortunately, the proverbial wave didn't have the inertia to make it to shore on this ride. It just fizzled out and didn't deliver the punch of past performances.

Dangerous Toys
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Author & Photographer: Michelle Johnson
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