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The Show Must Go On As The Dead Daisies Bring On ANOTHER Front Man
Dead Daisies Arcada Theatre St. Charles, IL September 15, 2022 Photo by David Haig

Last night's Dead Daisies show was a lesson in perseverance and professionalism at its absolute best after the announcement that legendary Glenn Hughes would not be performing due to a throat infection. The Daisies contacted Trans Siberian Orchestra vocalist Dino Jelusick who managed to absorb the material as he said during the show, "seventeen hours and no sleep" he seamlessly fronted the Daisies as if he'd been there the entire tour.

There were lyric sheets next to his set list under the mic stand but it seems he hardly looked at them during the show, totally nailed it for the fans. The crowd seemed a little sparse with the announcement Glenn wouldn't be at this tour stop but like every rendition of the Daisies I've seen thus far just another stellar show by one of the great touring acts today. For those that opted out of this show they missed a very special night indeed.

They kicked off the night with "Long Way to Go" which is a monster hard rocking tune, "Unspoken", "Rise Up", "Dead and Gone" before sliding into some new material off the forthcoming release next month with "Radiance". They always get the crowd on their feet with the old Creedence Clearwater "Fortunate Son" and of course Grand Funk Railroad "American Band" which Brian "Bigfoot" Tichy did vocals on from behind the kit to perfection. Tichy not only added to the vocals but also offered up one of his mind blowing drum solos that are as visually entertaining as they are wicked good sounding, drum sticks flying all over the stage and into the first several rows as well. "Look at all the people here tonight"!'

Founding member David Lowy is the drive on guitar while Doug Aldrich just rips on lead guitar including and old Deep Purple classic "Mistreated". Doug playing the Ritchie Blackmore licks and Dino Jelusick belting out the vocals that would make Glenn Hughes, David Coverdale and even Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow era) proud. Dino by that point in the evening had all the die hard rockers completely in his fandom and I think after that tune he knew he'd saved the evening for the Daisies showing the crowd just how damn good he truly is.'

David Lowy made a point to express his sincere apologies for Glenn's absence and the bands love and appreciation for the majority of ticket holders that came and experienced an evening in rock history. He said, "The Show Much Go On" and to all the true Hard Rockers it damn sure did. Dino I think may have a home if Glenn retires but let's hope not too soon. Dead Daisies no matter who is on stage theyROCK!'

Chicago's very own and dearly loved Nuff Z'nuff opened the evening and as always Chip Znuff and the boys put on a great show, great tunes, large following for the hometown band. Chip is always accessible and a special thanks to him for giving us a Jam Magazine shout out after the show on a video clip.

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Author & Photographer: David Haig
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