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UK Metal Dragonforce Rocks Amplified Live
Dragonforce Amplified Live April 15, 2022 Photo by Ramie Lay

England's Dragonforce finally made another rare appearance in Dallas Friday Night supporting their 2019 release "Extreme Power Metal" and this overcrowded show of speed, precision and madness was one for the ages. The stage was loaded with a 15ft. dragon behind the drums as well as two 8' tall arcade video game consoles with stairs in the back on each side of the stage for the band members to stand on during their performance. The screens actually worked and played videos along with CO2 cannons and confetti cannons and tons of smoke and lights to make this performance quite the spectacle.

Lead singer Marc Hudson had the crowd in the palm of his hands. As his blonde locks blew in the wind, at this partially outdoor venue, he belted out the classics and even had a chance to do a guitar solo himself atop the game console, while new female bassist, Alicia Vigil showed why the band added her to their lineup. Long time drummer Gee Anzalone and his rapid-fire legs kept the pace on gems like "Ashes Of The Dawn" and "Valley Of The Damned".

A lot of people only know of this band because of their song "Through The Fire And Flames" which was one of the hardest songs on the video game, Guitar Hero 3. That of course was their last song and second encore, right after their rousing rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, yes that song and it rules!

After the smoke, confetti and lights went down, everyone headed to their cars knowing they had witnessed something special. And while the young fans were smiling because they saw their heroes, a lot of musicians went home and sold their equipment after the sheer brilliance they just encountered from Herman and the boys!

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Author: Jeff Dennis
Photographer: Ramie Lay
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