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Hombres G Bring Nostalgic Party To LA
Hombres G Live at YouTube Theater Photos by Fabien Castro

Why do some bands work and click with their audience? Is it their music? Their looks? Their videos?

There are multiple factors that determine if a band makes it or not, also a lot of definitions of "making it". This can be recording an album, touring locally, playing at a historic venue or headlining a festival. Its subjective. But I think we can agree that when a band makes music that keeps being relevant after 35 years with the same lineup, records studio albums and tours (not to mention millions of records songs as well as more than 6 million listeners on Spotify every month) we can say they made it!

Hombres G ("G men" named after William Keighleys movie from 1935) is a band from Spain that recorded their first album back in 1985 with songs that are still popular in Europe and Latin America, almost every song on that album became anthems for many generations.

Since the beginning, they focus on being themselves, true to their music that led them to be the voice of millions of people that found an instant connection with the band.

Hombres G made an appearance at the amazing Youtube Theater in Inglewood California, which is right in the same structure as the Sofi Stadium where the last Superbowl was won by the LA Rams. Even though the auditorium has assign seating, when Hombres G played their most beloved songs, the audience went nuts and didnt stop singing along or dancing. By the end of the show, they played "Te Quiero", "Indiana", "Nassau", "Sueltate El Pelo" and "Marta Tiene Un Marcapasos", which is one of the fan favorites when the audience becomes part of the show.

As an encore, the band came back to perform 3 more songs that are also classics and defined the 80s for many of us: "Temblando" " Venezia" and "Devulveme A Mi Chica". This was another concert for the books!

Thank you to Live Nation and Youtube Theater for letting JAM Magazine to be part of this show and share with the our readers. We can't wait to cover the next one.

Hombres G (original line-up since 1982) David Summers - Bass and voice Rafa Guitirrez - Lead Guitar Dani Mezquita - Rhythm Guitar Javi Molina - Drums

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Author & Photographer: Fabien Castro
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