JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

September 14, 2013
The Boiler Room
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Mike DiQuinzio
Photos by Fabien Castro

Hostile - Hostile, Imagine Suspension

Hostile Tempertures Rise High At The Boiler Room

Every once in a while a band you've never heard of comes along whose live reputation makes you say "I need to see this." This is what happened on September 14 when I was notified that Hostile, a six-piece metal band from Royce City, was playing a show later that night. So what is their live reputation? "Dude, they hang people from hooks in their bodies."

The first thing I did when I arrived was seek out their manager, Big Mike, to ask him some questions about the band and get completely loaded on Fireball whiskey, as it turns out, which is where I stayed until showtime. The band hit the stage as I took my place inside the main room and the first thing I noticed was that the average age of the people on stage must have been 18 years-old. As I came to find out later, half of Hostile is comprised of vocalist JR Martinez and two of his sons, Zakk and Sebastian, on guitars.

The second thing I noticed was that these kids are quite good players. While I wasn't completely blown away with their music, there was a pit full of people who thrived on it. By the crowd's reaction alone, you would think that Hostile was a national name. Although they are not, I think they are going to be heavyweights in the local scene in a few more years. Also, while speaking with the band members after their set, I discovered that despite his All That Remains T-shirt, 18-year-old Zakk cites George Lynch as his main inspiration. If that doesn't give old - school metal fans hope I don't know what will.

As their set drew to a close, you could feel the anticipation in the room that something was about to happen. Sure enough, before beginning the final song of the set, members of Imagine Suspension took to the stage (and the air) for what has to be one of the best visual experiences ever provided by a local band. The cables on either side of the stage were attached to the shoulder blades of two eager participants as they were elevated into the air and batted around like tetherballs to the simultaneous delight and horror of the crowd. Being a member of a local band myself, the only thing I could think of was "how the hell are we supposed to top this?!"

As the set ended, I rejoined Big Mike right where I left him: at the bar. The band came over one by one as they finished packing their gear and I drunkenly told them I enjoyed the show because Big Mike wasn't done drinking yet. And if Big Mike ain't done drinking, neither are you. JR and others from Hostile, as well as Stevie Benton himself, joined me and Mike and in a discussion about- what else? - metal. We stayed for at least another hour, talking and toasting our favorite subject until it was time to leave.

Everything about this night was what experiencing a metal show is all about. Aside from the show itself, there was an air of camaraderie that, although I arrived by myself, made me feel as if I were among friends. As far as the band is concerned, they know what they're doing, they love doing it, and they're quite good at it. But I said it before and it bears repeating: they're going to be unstoppable when they find their voice.