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June 30, 2012
Warehouse Live
Houston, TX USA
Review by Michael Victorick
Photos by Michael Victorick

10 Years

If you jam the radio and keep up with the circle of modern rock bands then you definitely know about 10 Years. While at times you could probably confuse them with the likes of Tool and A Perfect Circle it seems the more mature the band gets the more they push away from that style of rock.

10 Years came together and finally settled in as a band around the time of 1999-2001. In this time they independently released their first E.P. "Into The Half Moon". While making the rounds through their home state of Tennessee over the next 4 years they caught the eye of Universal Records.

In the last 7 years they've released 3 records(The Autumn Effect, Division, Feeding The Wolves) and came out with many hits including "Wasteland", "Beautiful", and"Shoot It Out". Now on the eve of their fourth record they've changed the game a little bit. They announced they are self releasing and self producing the newest record and it seems that they've hit a heavier side of life in their music.

They showed up to Warehouse Live in Houston, TX and brought their A game. They made sure to play the new single "Knives" along with a few others off of the new record coming out later this year "Minus The Machine". Their singer, Jesse Hasek, repeatedly found himself being hung over the crowd while singing the words to songs like "The Autumn Effect" and "Russian Roulette". While on the other hand they took to a more quiet and acoustic approach with the hits everyone knew like "Wasteland. Truth be told, I think it was just to make sure that they could hear the fans belt out the words to all of their songs. The venue was packed from wall to wall and the energy was definitely there.

All and all I feel that while that wasn't the best show I've seen out of them it was definitely worth witnessing and getting to see a couple of the new songs off the album coming out later this year. Until then you can catch them on their Minus The Machine Tour.

10 Years Set List:
Chasing The Rapture
Fix Me
Dancing With The Dead
The Autumn Effect
Now Is The Time(Ravenous)
Minus The Machine
Russian Roulette
11:00 A.M. (Daydreamer)
Fade Into (The Ocean)
Shoot It Out