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September 15, 2012
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - The Woodlands
The Woodlands, TX USA
Review by Michael Victorick
Photos by Michael Victorick

Redlight King

All Around Music Talent

Let's face it, these are trying times for musicians when it comes to getting their message across to the masses. The Internet appears to be the obvious solution to the problem, but it has compounded matters more than it's solved tyhem. When you have record labels trolling YouTube to find and develop acts based solely on how many hits their homemade video has received, there's a big, big problem.

Take for instance Redlight King founder Mark Kasprzuk (aka King Kaz). This all-around musical talent went through two record labels and a stint as a short-lived television host before he finally packed it up and moved to Southern California. Turns out it was a very smart move. There were more bumps in the road to overcome (living out of his car was one), but the end's justified the means. Hollywood Records signed the musician to a deal. Today the performer has traded up on his mode of transportation and living conditions.

The partnership has proved beneficial to both. Hollywood is currently working on its third single from Kaz's debut album, Something for the Pain. The song, "Comeback", in many ways is apropos when it comes to describing this musician's chosen profession the past ten years. The second single, "Bullet in My Hand", was lodged in the Top Five of mainstream rock charts. But it was the debut song off the album, "Old Man" that really garnered Redlight King some notoriety. Kaz carefully sampled Neil Young's classic song and incorporated it into a composition he had put together. Upon hearing the track, the rock icon approved of what the musician had done, and allowed him to use it. As Kaz puts it, "You know we didn't have the money to pay Neil off."

Currently on the Rockstar Uproar tour, Redlight King has been shaking up crowds on the Ernie Ball stage. Hundreds have turned out at each stop to hear the band's musical message. Whether fans are shouting out "Canada" in reference to the musician's past, or the metal elite are nodding their head in agreement during the six-song set that band performs, they leave an impression no one forgets.

Kaz and crew will be heading overseas this fall to support Shinedown as they embark on a European tour supporting the album, Amaryllis, released earlier this year. Afterwards, Kaz plans to bring the band back for a short tour of the States before heading into the studio to work on phase two of the ever-evolving world of Redlight King.