JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

November 5, 2013
United Center
Chicago, IL USA
Review by Lisa Lipp
Photos by Ralf Lipp


Not Your Average Rock Show

The artist known simply as P!nk makes her return back to Chicago bringing her "The Truth About Love Tour" once again and giving fans an unforgettable show of dance, acrobatics and music live at the United Center.

As fans took their seats they were treated to pre-show entertainment as a strange little man appeared in the crowd doing silly things with the audience creating laughter and excitement. Making his way to the stage it was realized that this strange little man, now known as Rubix Von Fuchenhurtz, was the nights show narrator. After a short narrated story setting themood P!nk hit the stage attached to bungee cords and harnesses singing hit song "Raise Your Glass."

After a couple songs it was evident that this was not going to be your typical concert. P!nk turned the stage into a show full of electric energy with performances that included high flying acrobatics, high energy music and many choreographed dance routines. She took time to engage with fans, accept gifts and even congratulated Illinois on the legalization of same sex marriages while jokingly stating "everyone deserves the chance to divorce once." If you know P!nk you knew exactly what she meant as the crowd cheered.

Brining things down a notch P!nk sat side by side with her guitar player Justin Derrico stating "this was my favorite way to sing with my daddy" and sang two song including an acoustic version of "Who Knew." P!nk spoke about being a mom and changing her once bad habit of dropping the 'F' bomb but laughing and saying she would save that for a few more years allowing the crowd to fill in when necessary while singing "F**kin Perfect."

This show was amazing and P!nk's vocals were powerful and flawless. Even while performing her high flying routines and strutting along with all he dancers, she was top notch. Her solo drum and piano performance was exceptional as well.

The final song of the night features P!nk on bungee soaring through the crowd from the stage to the top of the building, up, down and back again thrilling fans as she could almost touch them. As the night ends and the crowd clears and video footage plays showing fun times with dancers, rehearsals and tender moments with daughter Willow.

This concert showcases a talented artist who loves what she does and it shows through in her music, personality and stage presence. P!nk will be back in Chicago November 20, 2013, get your tickets now!