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December 20, 2013
The Social
Orlando, FL USA
Review by Max Giffin
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Set it Off the Social

Tampa Rock Band Inspires With The Sound Of Screams

"Please believe you'll be a dream catcher," sang the audience in unison while Set It Off finished their set at The Social in Orlando last Friday night. The band played an inspiring show opening as a part of the tour package for Our Last Night and Chiodos.

Set It Off is an alternative rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida. The band's sound is refreshing. It's rich with dynamic vocals, clean melodies, and catchy choruses. While they blend some screaming into their songs, the majority of their sound is harmonious and easy to sing along with.

One thing that sets this band apart from others in their scene is the quality of their live performance. The band is famous for sounding just as good on stage as they do in the studio. Part of their live sound can be attributed to the band's overall abundance of talent, and part of it it to their tour manager/front of house Andrew Cramb. Cramb creates the perfect balance to highlight the strong points of every instrument and keep the music both crisp and balanced. Vocalist Cody Carson takes over the stage. With his charm and charisma, he makes the audience a part of the show by giving them the opportunity to sing and reaching into the crowd. Meanwhile guitarists Dan Clermont and Zach DeWall orchestrate synchronized guitar spins that fit in tune with the music and hit as hard visually as they do instrumentally. Austin Kerr serves as the rhythmic backbone for the band with his bass. In addition, he assumes a strong presence on stage connecting with fans while he jumps around dripping with sweat but never missing a beat. Every element of their music is strong, and every moment of their performance interesting.

As Florida natives, we can expect to see more Orlando concerts from Set It Off in the future. The next will be with We Are The In Crowd at again, The Social. In the mean time, their debut full length Cinematics is available on both iTunes and Spotify.