JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 13, 2013
Orlando, FL USA
Review by Max Giffin
Photos by Max Giffin

The Venitia Fair Backbooth

Chaos And Harmony Just In Time For Christmas

It's been four years since The Venetia Fair has played in Orlando, Florida. However this absence didn't diminish any of their Florida following. On December 13th the band played the Backbooth and their long time fans were delighted.

The Venetia Fair's music is eccentric, to say the least. Their songs blend chaos and harmony, complementing each other by contrast. Most are fun, fast, and upbeat. Furthermore, the band makes it their goal to not only play music, but to put on a show. The energy of the music carries over to their set and the band can be as wild as their sound. At a Venetia Fair concert you can expect to see people jumping on pianos, the bassist playing behind his back, the vocalist swinging his microphone above his head, and much more.

Benny Santoro (vocals) is clearly the focal point of their performance. He orchestrates the band like the ringleader in a circus and the audience can't look away. Despite his crazy stage antics, he never seemed to tire.

It isn't to say that because Santoro takes center stage the other musicians blend in the background. Each member of the band puts on a show throwing their bodies and their instruments around but never missing a note.

For those looking for innovative bands that push boundaries, The Venetia Fair never disappoints. At the end of the night the audience begged the band to preform just one more song. The band is now wrapping up their December tour and preparing to release a new EP, "The Venetia Fair... Basically Just Does Karaoke." The EP will consist of several cover songs they were asked to record by some of their most generous Kickstarter donors when the band was raising money to record their latest CD, "Every Sick Disgusting Thought We've Got In Our Brain." This EP will be released on December 24th. Drummer Chris Constantino calls it, "a Christmas miracle."