JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

January 21, 2014
House of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Travis King
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Amon Amarth

They Come From The Land Of The Ice And Snow

Viking Metal is one of the most intriguing styles in the heavy metal genre today that blends so much of the Norse mythology storytelling into the music composition. Amon Amarth are the reigning kings of this style at the moment and are highly respected for their unique sound. Their show at the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas, was my third experience seeing them live in concert.

The band tours Texas often and are always well received. This tour highlighted Amon Amarth's 2013 release and ninth studio album entitled Deceiver Of The Gods. Playing multiple new songs that included "Father Of The Wolf," "Death In Fire," "As Loke Falls," and the brutal, "We Shall Destroy," were some of the key moments of the evening. "Under Siege," and "Shape Shifter" were definite crowd pleaser's as the crowd of metal heads responded with full fists in air.

These songs were interestingly heavier than some of their previous releases so the experience of this show was definitely heavier as well. The new album has more underlying straight metal tone than it does melodic and catchy Viking metal songs that were on previous albums such as Surtur Rising and Twilight Of The Thunder God. Playing choice selected songs off of these albums was cool, but between the amount of set time available and the number of albums in Amon Amarth's arsenal, it was clear they came to play their best. On a personal note, the thrashing fan aggression was just what I was looking for in a metal show! Well done Vikings, well done!