JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

May 9, 2014
Club Dada
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Fabien Castro


New York Ghost Appears At Club Dada For A Spiritual Performance!

Deep Ellum's Club Dada brought one of today's most unique touring bands, GOASTT (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger), a band led by Sean Lennon (who if you don't know by now you will have to Google him yourself) and his lovely model girlfriend and bassist, Charlotte Kemp Muhl., who he called his 'Texas Cumquat.' Styled as 'Noise-Rock,' for the lack of a better name, the hippie-like duo delivered a smashing performance that left the audience breathless and inspired and myself impressed!

Kicking off their show with "Too Deep" from their recent 2014 release, Midnight Sun, the energy quickly filled the room with fans' exuberant applause. As the band sparkled and grooved the tone of the night was being set and eagerly received. Stylish, with a 60's throwback appeal, the band rolled into several tunes directly from their new LP such as "Xanadu," "Animals" and the title track, "Midnight Sun." With a few guitar technical tune-ups, Lennon appeased the crowd with some comedic candor and wit; feeling quite relaxed on stage much like his famed father. You couldn't help but enjoy those brief moments between songs.

What impressed me personally was Lennon's guitar style. Playing a vintage 1967 Fender Jazz Master, he was able to squeeze that vintage piece of wood and strings and pour out some raw and edgy guitar tones that fit their style of music perfectly, taking in mind you like that sort of stuff... and I do!

The long-haired, fair-skinned beauty on bass was Texan Charlotte Kemp Muhl, whose melodic back-up vocals help Lennon achieve a brilliant vibe on stage as well as in the studio. Charlotte shined most brightly on "Johannesburg," thrilling the fans who at times seemed mesmerized by the musical experience at hand. Beauty and talent gets them every time!

The show consisted mainly of songs from their recent release, but what I found most enjoyable was the over-all selections and how they presented them live. A bit erratic and unexpected, Lennon's stage performance kept me wondering what was coming next. "Poor Paul Getty" is a great example how the band's diversity glittered live. Even the simplistic tune "Moth to the Flame" delivered a strong presence. Closing the show with "Long Gone," from their 2010 debut LP, Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger, Lennon and company went completely over the top with all musicians practically exploding on stage and finishing off with what could only be described as orgasmic!

There is no doubt about Sean Lennon's roots. His inspirations, his tribulations and even his looks do not fall too far from the tree. Like most offspring from similar backgrounds, the odds are against him. Tonight, however, he proved himself to be a true musician and a talent on his own merit. Casual and quite comfortable in his hippie attire with a feather in his hat, Sean Lennon is walking his own path to the beat of his own drum. Finding the right counterpart like Charlotte Kemp Muhl could possibly be the key to success! Much luck, much love.