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November 26, 2014
Bayou Music Center
Houston, TX USA
Review by Bridget Craig
Photos by Bridget Craig

The 1975

Manchester Rock Band Shocks The Bayou Music Center

Camping on the streets of downtown Houston for nearly three days, fans spent their Thanksgiving break bracing the cold to be greeted by the barricade at The 1975's sold out gig at the Bayou Music Center in Houston, TX. Led by vocalist Matty Healy, who distinguishes himself by drinking a bottle of wine during every show accompanied by a cigarette and his wild dance moves, The 1975 took on their second headlining US tour since the 2013 release of their self-titled debut to promote their upcoming follow-up.

The crowd waited for what seemed like a lifetime for the Manchester rockers to come on, but as fog from the stage crept into the crowd with soothing electronic music playing, the infamous rectangle logo of The 1975 began to flash and everything went black. They broke the ice with "The City" and kept the upbeat pop rock sound flowing with "M.O.N.E.Y.," "So Far," "She Way Out," and "Pressure." Mid-set he decided to slow it down and make the show more intimate by asking everyone to put their phones away and listen. For "Me" and "Fallingforyou" the crowd was dark and quiet as the band stopped playing and left Matty, who was sitting on the edge of the stage, and his vocals to fill the Music Center. Picking it back up with "Menswear" and "Girls," no one was leaving anytime soon. The band members walked off stage, wine bottle in hand, leaving the crowd alone with the five illuminated rectangles covered with fog and flashing colors. The band almost immediately came back on stage still full of energy to finish out the night. They started the encore with fan favorite "Robbers," rolled over to their biggest hit "Chocolate" and ended with "Sex" before taking their final bows and leaving the fans with the five rectangles.

The 1975 had a simple show, but something about the UK band dancing around with a bottle of wine and a lit cigarette made it authentic. Their energy on stage is incredible and they really connect with the audience to make everyone feel as if they're a part of the band. It's the type of live show that is addicting and makes you feel as if you absolutely have to see them multiple times. Fans buy tickets almost a year in advance, which I could never understand, but after seeing them once it all makes sense.

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