JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 18, 2014
Poor David's Pub
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Ian Moore

Christmas Acoustic Performance

Christmas came early for a handful of music fans as Ian Moore performed a very intimate acoustic concert at the best acoustic room in the DFW area, Poor David’s Pub.

Singer/songwriter Ian Moore, accompanied by Kullen Fuchs, quietly took the stage for quite an informal recital of songs performed with so much heart and soul that it left the room breathless.

Beginning with "Abiline," Ian’s heartfelt voice, sultry and exuberant at times, laid a path of gravitating tunes that kept everyone’s ears and eyes on him as he surged his talent so easily. Ian’s style when engaged in full electric mode is quite powerful, but to see him perform as a solo artist with only his guitar and his voice is quite unique in its own way.

Continuing with "Angeline," "New Day," and "Agitator," Ian seemed quite comfortable sharing stories onstage that were enjoyable and well-received. His memory of hearing about the death of his mother while touring with the late great Johnny and June Carter Cash as part of opener Joe Ely’s band showed a side that most artists do not discuss so openly on stage.

Greg Beshers of The Lossy Coils lent his vocals and guitar work on "Four Winds," a song written about Ian's fishing buddies. The next number "Strong Enough" I believe was a brand new song written on the way to the gig that night in the back of the car; the hand written lyrics lay at Ian’s feet as he sang this fresh new number.

The best part of the evening was when Ian and Kullen stepped off the stage and performed a few songs by the bar at the back of the room with no mics at all. This part of the show was so different and so sincere, it was like having your friend perform at your house. Never before have I experienced such a wonderful feel from such a talented performer in such an intimate setting. As put by Ian’s publicist, Amanda Case: "I have a special place in my heart for Ian's acoustic shows. They are compelling and emotional." She is spot on!

Ian Moore is such an underrated artist. His brilliance, like many blues artists who have come before him and are discovered by just a handful of ears compared to many of the popular musicians today, is sadly being missed. As always, we recommend you check out this Texas/Seattle based musician for yourself.