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March 1, 2015
Love and War In Texas
Plano, TX USA
Review by Brittany Rae Cloud
Photos by Brittany Rae Cloud

Cody Jinks

Musicians Come Together For Texas Independence Day At Love & War

What better way to spend the 179th Texas Independence Day than at Love and War in Texas Plano with some of the area's best and most talented musicians, a crawfish boil and all benefiting Big Springs Ranch for kids. In my opinion, there isn't a better way.

With the help of Brett Dillon from KHYI and the likes of; Mark David Manders, DFW favorite, Austin Cunningham, Jon Christopher Davis, Cole Risner, husband and wife team, Crystal and Will Yates, Tom Faulkner, Fritz Schultz, and headliner Cody Jinks and his Tone Deaf Hippies, the celebration was a packed affair with nearly standing room only.

The afternoon was filled with great acoustic performances by some of the best around, but without question, the highlight of the event was Cody Jinks. Introducing us all to a few songs from his latest album Adobe Sessions, he began with the hard hitting trio, "What Else is New," "Mamma Song," and the two-step inducing "David." That was all it took as dancers were on their feet and the energy was high enough to spark.

Lyrical smart guy, Cody's band featured Chris Claridy wielding lead axe, Rocky Garza on bass, and the always on point, Earl Darling behind the drum kit. The energy never seemed to waver and the dancers never left the floor as Cody and the boys played through a review of songs from his earlier albums such as "We Get By" and "Alone" from the album 30, and "Fast Hand" from the album Black Sheep, and my personal favorite, "Been Around" from his Cast No Stones album.

For many, the most anticipated song of the evening was "Cast No Stones." Originally recorded on the album of the same name, Cody took the opportunity to re-record the song with a deeper, harder, and more blues rich sound. It is rare to see a live performance that feels as though it trumps the recorded version of a song, but if I had to pick one, this would be it. The translation from album to stage was flawless. Guitarist Claridy tore up the lead like he'd just had his heart broken while Rocky Garza and Earl Darling owned the rhythm and bass effortlessly. As always, Cody's vocals were exceptional.