JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

March 28, 2015
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste


"Welcome To The New And Improved Bomb Factory" - Todd Lewis

Third night of the Grand Opening of The Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum brought back a classic line up early 90's Dallas, Texas rock bands as Baboon, Brutal Juice and the Toadies performed for another packed house at the newly restored venue.

Like stepping into a new car, the new layout, stage design, lights and even the new smell gave the venue a cool vibe and was quite impressive from the get go. My expectations were stirred.

Running a bit late, I missed Baboon's set but was able to see most of Brutal Juice perform and what a performance! These cats, who I believe are not an active band, didn't seem to miss a beat as they penetrated their heavy brand of music, pounding and screaming and living up to their name. Self-proclaimed as Acid Punk, Brutal Juice hardcore/prog-rock style was intense! Front man, Craig Welch, who at a distance looked like a breaded Screech from the TV show, Saved By The Bell, was visually entertaining and looked like a total mad man on stage, running around like a lunatic who escaped from the metal hospital. He definitely puts the FU in FUN! Great show!

As the night continued with a quick set change, you can literally feel the anticipation of the crowds excitement as they grew tighter and closer to the stage. The Toadies, who are led by founding member, Vocalist/guitarist, Vaden Todd Lewis, Mark Reznicek on drummers, former Funland guitarist, Clark Vogeler and Doni Blair on bass from Hagfish, walked on stage and began with their classic number, "Backslider," from their 1994 debut release Rubberneck, and had the audience all jazzed up!

The Toadies are one of DFW's favorite bands with exceptional commercial success under their belt. Hometown heroes to say the least. As they kicked into a few familiar numbers such as "Away," the fans lite up with feverish bliss as they did when the band rolled into "Tyler," another crowd pleaser from their hay-day!

For such a big room, the sound at the Bomb Factory was near perfect. Not too low and not too loud, just right for a room that size. The visuals on stage was a large video screen that displayed the standard Toadies ‘t' logo in different forms throughout the night, with occasional video footage as the played on. Even with a large, wide stage, the Toadies equipment was simple and direct with a few amps and a handful of guitars. No bullshit status overload, just a straightforward execution by a non-pretentious rock band!

As expected, the band begins to close their set with a few of their biggest hits, one of which is "Possum Kingdom." With a single guitar note, the fans immediately identify the song and begin to lose their freakin' minds. There was a slight point of teasing as the band commence to play "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh, but just a taste as they launched into "I Come From The Water" with a full audience sing-a-long participation.

I read a comment on Facebook by JT Dalton, guitarist for the Gorehounds who wrote "The Bomb Factory just might be the best venue in Dallas," well, I just may have to agree with him now that I have experienced the new and improved concert hall for myself! Great feeling to have this facility back in Deep Ellum as slowly, but surely, the area and the DFW music scene is coming back. Thumbs Up to all three DFW bands for a great evening of classic local music!