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April 9, 2015
The Kessler Theater
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Nolan Smith
Photos by Nolan Smith

Tyrone Wells

Singer Songwriter Tyrone Wells Rolls With It At The Kessler Theater

Tyrone Wells is touring with his new acclaimed album, Roll With It, that was released at the end of March. Wells says this is by far his most upbeat album to date, and this project is his proudest work so far. All indicators is that Wells is poised to have a breakthrough album with potential commercial success. Having heard he was coming to the always amazing Kessler Theater in Dallas, I was eager to see him in such an intimate and wonderful venue.

Opening the three band set, was new artist Emily Hearn. Making her first trip to Dallas she was personable, charming and made a great connection with her audience from the very start. Her wonderful voice and songwriting are honest, open and show a vulnerability that you cannot help but gravitate towards. Reminding one audience member of Taylor Swift; Jessica F. said that she would definitely be purchasing Hearn's CD outside after the show stating that "She is very easy to like." I couldn't agree more. Songs "Waking Up Again," "Found a Heart," and "Gotta Have Him" are worth your time to go check out.

Seabreeze: Tyrone Wells Live at Kessler Theater 4/9/2015

Next on stage was Dominic Balli, who has a very reggae driven sound that got the crowd swaying, dancing, and clapping along in their seats with delight. He brings a confident aire to his show telling stories and tales of his travels, experiences, and connecting with other people along the way. Breaking out into a cover of "Rude (I'm gonna marry her anyway)" the crowd erupted with approval. A wonderful human being and if you like a good reggae beat and soulful music at all, he could be just what you are looking for.

By the time Tyrone Wells took the stage the crowd was ready to burst. The two leading acts had been well received and aptly loosened up for the headliner. Wells jumped to stage as the band began immediately playing "Neon Dreams" an upbeat song off the new album that is one of those songs that the first time you hear it, you know i's a hit. With no breaks between Neon Dreams and "Wanna Make You Feel Good" you knew right away this was going to be a much more upbeat and high energy show from the singer songwriter who has been captivating audiences with his acoustic guitar for over a decade. For those who weren't familiar with the new album they had to be blown away by Wells stage presence and high energy he brought to Roll With It.

Wells played a 16 song set including all the hits adoring fans expect to hear from him, as well as the most popular songs off the new album. Stepping out from behind the guitar for "This Moment," Tyrone showed off his musical versatility by taking over the piano/keyboard. He played his #1 Spotify song "Happy" as he sent the band offstage and played acoustically alone. Throughout the show Wells told stories of his family and his two young daughters including a heartbreaking story leading into a visibly effected Wells singing "I Will Always Love You" a song about his children. Tyrone invited both opening bands back with his band to sing "Freedom" which was a good transition before his encore which consisted of "Gravity," "Sea Breeze," and "You Are The One I Love."

If you are one of the fortunate people who live within driving distance of seeing Tyrone's perform his new album live and in person, I cannot persuade you enough to get a ticket now before i's too late and time has passed you by. You won't regret it.

Set List
Neon Dreams
Make You Feel Good
Running Around In My Dreams
Wondering Where You Are
This Moment
In Our Blood
I Will Always Love You
All My Life
Sea Breeze
You Are The One I Love