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April 10, 2015
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Dave Gray
Photos by Dave Gray

Y and T

Y&T Goes For The Throat With Deep Cuts

Having seen Y&T play Dallas in March 2014, I walked into the patio area of the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill thinking the setlist would be about the same as it was then; all the hits with a few twists. However, the Bay Area musicians surprised us all tonight with a set comprised of tracks that I have never seen them play live. The weather cooperated tonight, and band played outside to a SRO crowd at one of Dallas' newest showcases.

Guitarist Dave Meniketti, rhythm guitarist John Nymann, bassist Brad Lang and drummer Mike Vanderhule performed over 20 cuts from the 40+ year history of Y&T. "Hurricane," "Cold Day in Hell," "I Want Your Money" and "All-American Boy" were just some of the tricks the band had up their sleeve on this night. Dave told the story while scratching his head of how MTV would not play Down for the Count's "All-American Boy" at all when it was released (maybe once), and now he's been seeing it in rotation on VH1 Classics a lot lately, for some reason. The power ballad "I Believe in You" was electrically powerful as always, and Dave switched guitars (Strat/Les Paul) on the fly between songs, so that he could fulfill a front row fan's request for "Don't Stop Runnin'," which wasn't on the set list. "Eyes of A Stranger” and the raucous "Contagious" were fan favorites tonight as well. The band also pulled a few more deep tracks out tonight by performing "I'm Coming Home," and a special treat as an encore. From Dave's solo record On the Blue Side, the band did "Bad Feeling" and then finished the set with "Forever."

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, smaller venues like GMBG are great for the fans and tonight was no exception. Almost immediately after the set was over, the band members came out from backstage to talk and party on the patio, a free meet n' greet, if you will. All posed for pictures, signed autographs, answered questions, drank spirits, and became part of the party for well over two hours. The great Dave Meniketti stood in one spot near the stage for at least ninety minutes, sporting a bottle of water, and answering any question any fan might have, until almost 1:00 A.M. All the members of the band were very courteous, easy to approach and really seemed to appreciate all the respect from the crowd. Dave Meniketti mentioned to me that he really thought this new venue was a very cool place to play and I have to agree. Being outdoors, weather permitting, the GMBG is a great venue to see a live show. 

Speaking of Dave, the man simply doesn't age. To be in a band for 40 years, he's in great shape, is a great storyteller, and he also has a great memory. In talking with him, I mentioned a prior Y&T show in the 1980's with Gary Moore, Ace Frehley, and Faster Pussycat, and he even knew the name of the venue (although now it's a Home Depot - The Bronco Bowl). He also mentioned that the much anticipated Y&T documentary DVD, as financed by Kickstarter, will probably be released sometime in the spring of 2016. Dave's wife and manager Jill Meniketti was at the merchandise booth as well, to sign and show off her new hardcover fiction novel "Welcome to Groove House." Released only a month ago in March, it's getting great reviews from the likes of Don Dokken, Sammy Hagar, and radio's Eddie Trunk. See ya next year!