JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

June 27, 2015
Choctaw Casino Event Center
Durrant, OK USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Barry Bond


Boston Bad Boys Break In Bitchin' New Venue

Recently kicking off their US Summer Blue Army Tour, those Bad Boys from Boston, Aerosmith, christened the newly added 3,000 seat venue at Choctaw Casino Grand Theater in Durant, OK. With the smell of new carpet and paint and some of the cleanest restrooms north of Texas, the new concert hall gets rave reviews from fans and artist alike. Great seating design with great acoustics!

What can you say about the five well-aged rock stars riding on the tails of hitting the 70 year old mark other than THEY ARE STILL KICKIN' DAT ASS! Getting started with a classic hit song, the title track to their 1977 release, Draw the Line, the band blazed on the stage Balls Out... and the crowd goes wild!

Styling in his flamboyant Aerosmith attire, vocalist Steven Tyler in long trench coat, chap pants, hippy witch hat and Jackie Onassis glasses... strutting around the stage with his long time partner in crime, Toxic Twin, guitarist Joe Perry by his side in his smooth leather gypsy outfit, had the audience on their feet with fists in air... and of course the massive amount of cell phones in hand that lit up the crowd.

Now with 40 plus years under their belt and countless hits to choose from, there is always that dilemma on which songs to perform in a 110 minute set... luckily for me, the set list included several songs from their timeless 1975 release, Toys in the Attic. Of course they had to deliver some of their 80's and 90's radio hits to suffice the newer fans delight. Do I need to go thru every song played? Not gonna happen!

The highlights, as far as I am concerned, were "Walking the Dog" from their 1973 self-titled debut LP, "Toys in The Attic," "Big Ten Inch Record," "No More No More," and their two biggest classics "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion." And as usual, "Dream On" was the big crowd pleaser of the show with Steven behind the piano as Joey Perry climbs on top in pure rock fashion added a nice touch.

One thing I notice and was quite appealing, throughout their performance the bands on stage camaraderie and band mate engagement was apparent. They were really enjoying themselves, laughing, and having a ball. The band fan interaction was also unmistakable as there was a lot of talk between Steven Tyler and the up-close fans. This makes for a great show and very personable. Love it!

Being a fan of Aerosmith since 1975, and with Toys In The Attic one of the first albums I purchased as a kid, this band, to me, has proved themselves time and time again, year after year to be a true consistent American Rock N' Roll band! I would even coin them as "The American Stones!" Not many bands have had the success, longevity and fan base keeping their original core members intact... THAT IS A TRUE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I would like to take this time to personally thank Mr. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer for keeping it together these past 4 decades for US... the music FAN... in true rock form and kickin' POLITICAL CORRECTNESS to the FUCKING CURB and keeping intact the bad boy image! When you stay honest to yourself, YOU GET the fans respect!