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July 10, 2015
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Nolan Smith
Photos by Nolan Smith

Cody Canada

Texas Red Dirt Rides The Monkey

The nearly sold out crowd at the always beautiful Gas Monkey Live venue (down the street from infamous Gas Monkey Bar & Grill) was dressed in street gear and western wear to see Cody Canada & the Departed open for Jason Boland and the Stragglers on Friday night. The Red Dirt/Texas Country double ticket was a great pairing and the crowd made sure to get there early as either band could have likely headlined the event.

Gas Monkey Live is quickly becoming my favorite venue in Dallas/Ft Worth, and in talking to other people at the event many people have the same feeling. I look forward to many more events there. I highly recommend checking out their event calendar and find someone to see soon. Indoor, air conditioned, great audio, food, cocktails, and sloped floor make it not only large enough to find a place to see but also the ability to see over the audience in front of you from just about anywhere in the venue.

Cody Canada (formerly of Cross Canadian Ragweed) has been with the Departed now for Texas Country fans to have come to know the band and their sound and have drawn a consistent and loyal fan base to every event they have. Playing hits from new and old including the ever-popular "Boys from Oklahoma" and "Constantly" from the CCR days which even fans there to see Jason Boland were enthusiastic to hear live. The band sounded great and Cody gave a high energy and well executed performance.

Jason Boland played a lot of new songs off of his to be released album coming out in October 2015. For fans of Boland they can rest assured that the new songs sounded good on first listen. Hopefully for Boland die hards they will be excited to hear the new songs yet to be released from Jason and the Stragglers. Among some of his most memorable hits were "Somewhere down in Texas," the oldie but always a goodie hit "Pearl Snaps" (from 1999) was a great surprise to hear live. During "Telephone Romeo" people in the crowd were two stepping while others sang arm in arm. Regardless of who you came with, it was clear everyone was having a very good time at the show.

Bottom line is, if you are looking for a good time and a great concert to go see, make sure to grab some friends or grab a date and make sure you get a chance to see this ticket. You will not be let down.