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April 26, 2015
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andy Laudano
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Krokus Knocks Them Out!

After nearly a 25 year absence, Switzerland's Krokus returned to the U.S. - well, most of them did. Krokus' current lineup consists of vocalist Marc Storace, bassist Chris Von Rohr, drummer Flavio Mezzodi, and guitarists Fernando Von Arb, Mandy Meyer and Mark Kohler. Unfortunately, Fernando Von Arb was unable to make the trip due to health reasons and Mark Kohler is currently on a leave of absence. While it would have been awesome to see them, it didn't affect Krokus' live performance one bit. That's because Mandy Meyer is an incredible guitarist.

Besides being an off again, on again member of Krokus, he originally replaced Steve Howe in Asia, played in the Swiss melodic rock band Gotthard and is also a current member of the supergroup Unisonic. Together with the returning Dominique Favez, who played guitar for Krokus from 2003 - 2006, they nearly blew the roof off of Trees in Dallas.

Opening hard and heavy with the crowd pleaser "Long Stick Goes Boom" it became very obvious that Krokus hasn't missed a step. Marc Storace sounded every bit as good as he did 25 years ago! It was amazing listening to him belt out the classics, including their version of The Guess Who's "American Woman" and "Screaming in the Night." It was as if we'd all gone back in time. But Krokus is more than a nostalgia act. Newer songs like the sing along "Hoodoo Woman" and "Hellraiser" also went over well with the appreciative crowd.

Storace was in great spirits, high-fiving and interacting with the Dallas faithful, but one fan in particular caught his eye. Spotting a fan wearing an old school denim vest covered with band patches (including a Krokus patch of course), Marc invited him onstage to have a beer and watch the show from the side of the stage as he dedicated the song "Easy Rocker" to him.