JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

October 6, 2015
Good Records
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andy Laudano
Photos by Andy Laudano

Alice Cooper

A Super Duper Alice Cooper Surprise!

Rock and Roll history was made at Good Records in Dallas, TX. when the original Alice Cooper band reunited in front of a little over 200 screaming, die hard fans! It all started when store owner, Christopher Penn announced that original Alice Cooper band bassist, Dennis Dunaway would be signing copies of his new book, Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! My Adventures In The Alice Cooper on October 6, 2015.

Shortly after that another announcement was made that Dennis' brother in law and old bandmate, drummer Neal Smith would be joining him. It wasn't long after, that guitarist Michael Bruce, writer and co-writer of the band's biggest hits also came on board. Now there would not only be the book signing, but a question and answer session and then all three were going to perform a set of Alice Cooper classics!

All you needed to do to be a part of this was buy a copy of the book at Good Records and the band would not only sign your book, but two personal items as well. The date, October 6, also became important as fans began to realize that Alice Cooper himself was scheduled to open for Motley Crue at the American Airlines Center the following night with his current band, but had the day of the signing off! Fans began to speculate.

On the day of the book signing, somewhere between 250-300 people gathered in front of Good Records. The air was electric and you could just feel that something special was about to happen that night. Everyone was let in for the Q&A. The entire store was decorated in pink and black with balloons, streamers and paintings of Alice Cooper album covers on display. Besides the books, there were t-shirts, posters, photos of the original band from their personal collection and music from their current projects for sale.

On a pink carpeted stage with a huge painted Alice Cooper banner behind it sat three electric chairs with a table in front. As the crowd roared it's approval, Dennis, Michael and Neal took their seats. Following a short but entertaining Q&A, fans began getting their stuff signed. Unfortunately the process took a bit longer than expected and the line had to be cut. Those that were unable to get through in time were told the band would finish signing at the after party at a bar called The Midnight Rambler or the staff would take their info and mail it back to them signed. Everyone was cleared from the store so the stage could be cleared and set up.

A few short minutes later, everyone was let back in. Those that went home early will be kicking themselves in the ass for the rest of their lives for what they missed. Dennis, Michael and Neal took the stage and opened with "Caught In A Dream" with Michael on vocals. Then the crowd went nuts as Alice Cooper himself strolled onto the stage, followed by guitarist Ryan Roxie who would fill in for the late Glen Buxton. Hit after hit would follow - "Be My Lover," "Eighteen," "Is It My Body" (which Alice hadn't done in years), "No More Mr. Nice Guy." "Under My Wheels."

It was obvious to everyone that the band was having just as much fun playing together as they were watching them. The undeniable chemistry of four high school friends was on display and the huge smiles never left their faces. "This next one's a sing along. If you don't know the words, leave the building now!" joked Alice as they ended with the classic anthem, "School's Out."

That was the last song on the set list but as the fans continued to cheer, the owner announced that Ryan Roxie had talked the band into doing one more song. This was another that Alice hadn't done in a while but he joked about how topical it was and how "Zombie Hillary" and "Zombie Trump" would likely be this year's biggest Halloween costumes before playing "Elected" to close this incredible show.

Thanks again to Christopher Penn for a legendary night that will go down in the rock and roll history books. This show will be talked about for a long time to come.