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October 3, 2015
House of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice Makes Their Debut At The Dallas HOB

Saturday night at the Dallas, Texas House of Blues another local DFW tribute band debuts to a pack house of music fans! Go Ask Alice, an Alice In Chains tribute emerged with a bang and delivered the goods with a well planned execution.

Veteran musicians with years of talent on their resume, GAA began their set with "We Die Young" and though it started off with a few technical hiccups, like true professionals, they smoothed out the kinks and rolled on without hesitation.

Their second number, "Them Bones," was a crowd grabber as noted by the audience participation. Not really sure how many people even knew an Alice In Chains tribute was on the bill, so I was quite surprised by the reception received.

I'm always curious how bands form, especially when it comes to a tribute when there are many already on the music scene. I had the chance to asked bassist, Eric Sykes, how the project got started... "It started with our drummer Jeff and guitar player Wes. They were in a different band at one point and just used to jam Alice In Chains tunes. Me and Jeff met via CraigsList involving an original music project and the idea kind of came to him since this was something our scene was lacking. Then he contact his friend Josh to be the singer. We got together June 14 of this year for a meet and greet/audition/beer drinking jam session and before we knew it our first gig was at the House of Blues."

As the opening band for two other established tributes that were on the bill, Kill 'Em All, a Metallica Tribute and home town favorites, Back In Black, an ACDC Tribute... GAA manged to keep the audience entertained throughout their set with songs like "It Ain't Like That" and "Junk Head" songs that are a bit obscure even to most Alice In Chains fans.

By now the band was on fire! Their stage presence was in step and their music was in tune. Keeping the big hits for last, they worked in what i consider AIC's biggest commercial successful songs "Rooster," Man In The Box" and closing with "Would" was the icing on the cake!

So, who are Go Ask Alice? Joshua Olson on lead vocals, Wes Ford on guitar and vocals, bassist Eric Sykes and behind the kit, Jeff Michnal on drums. A four piece band with dexterity and accomplishments and for their first live performance, I can say first hand they killed it!