JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

November 6, 2015
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by David DiPietro
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addition Shocks The Monkey Live In Dallas

Jane's Addiction can be a scintillating, potent live act one moment, but then be completely full of shit the next. They can sometimes, even, perform both feats simultaneously. They demonstrated this fact at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas on Friday night. I guess that's how it is for hipsters.

Touring on the 25th Anniversary of the landmark alternative rock album, Ritual de lo Habitual, Jane's Addiction was in fair, to fine playing form. But it must be said, the abysmal atmosphere and sound at Gas Monkey Live made it seem like the band was playing inside a giant Chuck E. Cheese. With an emphasis on the cheese.

Atmosphere plays as an important role at concerts as the band and sound itself and all that can be said is that they should have played at the pristine McFarlin Auditorium on the S.M.U. campus, as they did in 2012.

The differences in the 2 shows could not be more obvious.

After the opening number, lead singer Perry Farrell remarked, "It's great to be back here at this great venue again."

I hoped he was being sarcastic. The place is a dive and they should preferably have played at Mercado Juarez in the same neighborhood if they were going to go play the restaurant circuit.

Jane's Addiction had never before played Gas Monkey live and it would not be the only moment of the show when Farrell seemed out of it. This is a band famous for substance abuse issues and it appeared several times during the night that one or more of the band may have fallen off of the wagon.

The band played the entirety of Ritual at the outset. A few of the tracks, such as the epic, "Three Days," even managed to conquer the murk of the venue, but not many.

As has been their sch-tick of late, the band brought 3 dancers with them to supply some eye candy for the bands' tunes and tales of debauchery. The light show this time around however, seemed to be much more scaled-back than the McFarlin show, but this was understandable given the dump where they were playing.

The set proper ended with the acoustic, "Classic Girl," which was lackluster. Guitarist Dave Navarro looked to be in a trance onstage and his playing during the night suffered from what ever he was doing. Perhaps he was channeling Syd Barrett.

"Jane Says," closed the night out in mediocre fashion, with Farrell bumbling the lyrics during the opening, but none of the crowd seemed to notice a difference. This just seemed to be a bit of an off night for the group, but as this was the second to last show of the American leg of the tour, perhaps they were just tired. Hopefully the band will get some well-needed rest between now and when they play in Japan, November 22nd.

It must be discussed, that tickets to this show ran from $69.50 to $1,000.00 for a so-called "suite," which was really a glorified booth. Anyone who paid $1,000.00 to see this dreck had to have been as out of their collective minds as Jane's Addiction themselves. There was nothing "suite," nor sweet about this abominable excuse for concert venue. I have a strange feeling, the Budokan will sound a bit better than Gas Monkey Live.