JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

October 24, 2015
The Prophet Bar
Dallas, TX USA
Review by David Huntley-Haverstock
Photos by David Huntley-Haverstock

Meat Puppets

From ZZ Top To Box Car Willie On Acid!

Decisions, decisions... should I stay or should I go see The Meat Puppets at The Prophet Bar? Funds are low, but the urge is strong!... so, I paid to get into the show, which was a difficult decision, given I am not working currently. And since I wasn't 'working' per se, my friends and I decided to partake in some very strong, Honduran magic mushrooms.

I was in no condition to take any notes on the Meat Puppets, nor review the show in any professional nor coherent fashion whatsoever, but let's just say, I am very glad we did what we did.

The concert was a, as the Grateful Dead have stated clearly: "Seven faced marble-eyed transitory dream doll, Six proud walkers on the jingle bell rainbow, Five men writing with fingers of gold; Four men tracking-down the great white sperm whale, Three girls waiting in a foreign dominion, Riding in the whale belly, Fade away in moonlight, Sink beneath the waters, to the coral sands below."

One minute the Meat Puppets were ZZ Top, the next the Grateful Dead, the next Hawkwind, the next, Neil Young, the next... Box Car Willie on acid...

Shards of sustained feedback. Cosmic solos from Curt Kirkwood. Bass lunacy from Cris Kirkwood. Precise, energetic drumming from Shandon. Latest recruit Elmo Kirkwood on rhythm guitar took no major chances, but only enhanced the depth of the bands' sound live, as opposed to the traditional Pups' three-piece.

Curt's guitar tone (a battered, 1958 Les Paul), rivals Schenker's flying V. It was ecstasy. The best guitar tone in rock, in my opinion. Easily better than Keith Richards. The Meat Puppets should absolutely have been and still be huge, but they had their moment in the spotlight in 1994 and people have moved on, to Spotify and Taylor not-so Swift.

Best show I have seen in years. Probably the best, since the last time I saw the Meat Puppets. Lights out.

Your faithful reporter in the field,
David Huntley-Haverstock