JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

March 11, 2016
Myth Night Club
Saint Paul, MN USA
Review by Jeff Mozey
Photos by Jeff Mozey


Slayer Shreds And Thrashes The Myth

If you listen to metal and live in Minnesota, chances are you were at the sold out Slayer show on Friday night at The Myth. Let me tell you, it was a tightly packed house. An employee at the venue even told me "I have never seen this place as full as tonight." Slayer has been playing for over three decades, and they sound as great as ever. St. Paul was in for a great performance.

A giant white banner covered the front of the stage while the crowd enjoyed a mini light show shinning on to the curtain. Spinning crosses, pentagrams, and finally ending with the iconic Slayer logo. The White banner then quickly fell to the floor as the band started to play the new single "Repentless" off of the bands current album of the same title. The audio mix was well done and the sound was crystal clear.

Most bands have one guitar player that carries on the lead guitar, but not Slayer, both Kerry King and Gary Holt went back and forth exchanging the lead portions of the songs. The fans were so tightly packed in, this allowed both sides of the room to experience Slayers famous guitar playing.

The visuals at the show were just as entertaining, various detailed lighting and multiple backdrops with dark themes filled the rooms helping to create the mood. Close to the end of the bands set, a banner with a takeoff of the Heineken beer logo that read, "Hanneman-Angel of Death Still Reigning 1964-2013" appeared behind the stage. Jeff Hanneman was one of the founding members and the guitar player in Slayer from 1981 until his death in May 2013.

Fans were moved to see him recognized as loud cheers took over the room. Slayer fans have to be some of the most passionate out there. Throughout the night, fans would randomly yell Slayer as loudly as they possibly could. Throughout the entire night, there was a continuous circle pit, at times the pit almost reached from wall to wall. It is difficult to describe the energy and the emotions on the faces of so many of the fans. It was remarkable how connected these fans were to the band.

When the encore came around, one spotlight appeared on singer and bass player Tom Araya and he thanked everyone for coming out and for the great night. The last few songs seemed to increase the room’s energy, if that was even possible. Fan favorites such as "Raining Blood," "South of Heaven," and "Angel of Death" had the crowd dancing harder and singing/yelling louder. It was a fantastic night for both the band and the audience. If they come to your area, seize the opportunity to catch a Slayer performance, you are in for a fun filled evening.