JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

March 14, 2016
Granada Theater
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Ron Lewis


Wolfmother Brings Home The Meat!

HOT DAMN! The Wolfmother has returned and what a return it was! The three piece hard rock band graced the Granada Theater stage in full bloom with a punch to the gut from the start!

Touring in support of their latest LP, Victorious, Wolfmother kicks in with the title track of their latest album of the same name. To say the crowd was excited is putting it lightly. The Wolfmother fan base is a strong carnivorous animal and when their band performs live, it's like a feeding frenzy on a chunk of music meat!

WOLFMOTHER Victorious Tour 5 Songs Live @ Granada Theat Dallas, TX 2016

Lead vocals and guitar, Head Wolf, Andrew Stockdale takes charge of the crowd and stage with balls out force that pulls in the audience for a gripping ride that will last for the next hour and a half. His charisma and charm is well received as he engaged the crowd from song to song.

"Woman," one of the bands earliest hits was the third song of the night. The fans loved every note of that number as they could barely contain themselves jumping and rockin' with fists in air. Keyboardist/bassist, Ian Peres is a showman all by himself. From bass to keys and back to bass again in one fell swoop, the dude is doing double duty and commanding his end of the stage like a boss.

WOLFMOTHER "Communication Breakdown" Live @ Granada Theater Dallas, TX 2016

On drums is the newest member, Alex Carapetis and what a bombastic player he is! One of the strongest, yet precise drummer I have seen in a long a while. At times, his playing was over the top that brings the band to a new high in their live performance.

Throughout the night Wolfmother brought their game and delivered the magic with an electrifying hit to the face. They were out for blood and they got it as the crowd responded with enormous applause time and time again! They manage to sneak in a surprise number that was not played before with Ian and Alex... Led Zeppelin's "Communication Breakdown." This brought the roof down!

If things could not get any better, the band kicks into one of my favor songs "Colossal" which brought out the two young females, guitarist and drummer of the opening set, Deap Vally, where they stage dived and body surf on top of the fans and were taken all the way to the the back of the venue. Gotta love seeing that!

The band closed their set with two fan favors, "Vagabond" and "Joker" as Andrew takes off his sweaty shirt and tears it up for a final bang! Wolfmother is not your ordinary rock band. To me, their music carries the essence of Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath with a heavy dose of Deep Purple, in other words, they are the SHIT! Worth every penny!