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May 7, 2016
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andy Laudano
Photos by Andy Laudano

Sebastian Bach

I'll Be Bach!

It was a sold out show in Dallas when former Skid Row frontman, Sebastian Bach came to Trees. The show was billed as 'An Evening With Sebastian Bach' as this tour would be a little different from previous ones.

You got two sets for the price of one, a mostly acoustic set to kick off the show followed by the heavy metal onslaught Bach is known for. Much to the surprise of everyone (who hadn't peeked at the setlist) Bach opened with a killer cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing." The surprises continued with a deep album cut off Skid Row's Subhuman Race album, "Breakin' Down" and believe it or not - a country song called "Battle With The Bottle."

Next up was the song that really put Sebastian on the map, the Skid Row anthem "18 And Life." Then came yet another curveball, a great cover of fellow Canadians April Wine's "Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game." The set ended with Skid Row's biggest hit to date, the power ballad, "I Remember You." One thing that really stood out during this truly special set was that Bach can still sing! Having a world class backing band also helped.

The current lineup features guitarist Brent Woods, UFO bassist Rob DeLuca and monster drummer Bobby Jarzombek (Riot, Halford, Fates Warning).

After a short break, Bach and company returned to the stage ready to kick some ass! They opened with the title track off of Skid Row's second album, Slave To The Grind and never slowed down. The rock and roll juggernaut continued with all of Skid Row's biggest hits including "Sweet Little Sister," "Big Guns," and "Monkey Business." Bach could do no wrong and even one of his solo hits, "American Metalhead" went over big with the sold out crowd. The runaway freight train came to an end with another huge rock anthem, "Youth Gone Wild." Usually, that's where the show ends, but Sebastian was having so much fun in Dallas, he couldn't leave the stage without doing one more song, a cover of AC/DC's "T.N.T."

If you get a chance to see this show - go see it! Bach has never sounded better.

Sebastian Bach: Vocals
Bobby Jarzombek: Drums
Brent Woods: Guitar
Rob DeLuca: Bass

Southside Ballroom