JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

May 29, 2016
Gexa Energy Pavilion
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andrea D. Morin
Photos by Andrea D. Morin


Long Live Rock N' Roll With Sixx:A.M. @ BFD

Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers was recently quoted saying "Rock music is dead." Well he obviously hasn't seen Sixx:A.M. who rocked out at KEGL The Eagle's BFD Music Festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas on May 29, 2016. Their stellar performance stole the show as the best band of the night, even after playing the River City Rockfest in San Antonio earlier that day! Their killer 45-minute set was one rock anthem after another mixed with powerful guitar riffs, deep bass lines and strong vocals.

DJ Ashba came out first to rally the crowd with a brief guitar solo, followed by vocalist James Michael and Nikki Sixx to an enormous amount of energetic screams and whistles. The band launched into "This is Gonna Hurt" from their second studio album by the same name. James Michael then asked the crowd to raise their hands in a fist pump encouraging them to get into the action every time they hear the word "Rise" in their next song. "Rise," along with the next three songs, ("When We Were Gods," "Everything Went to Hell," and Prayers for the Damned"), all came from their latest and fourth studio album released last month, Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 1, emanated with DJ Ashba's powerful guitar riffs and Nikki Sixx's pounding bass, electrified the crowed who were all on their feet rocking out!

The energy from the crowd combined with an anticipation to hear the hits, finally came to fruition with an eruption of screams after the first few notes of "Lies of the Beautiful People," their only #1 hit on the US Mainstream Rock charts on the second album, followed by "Stars" from their third album, Modern Vintage. Sixx:A.M. closed out their set with an extended version of "Life Is Beautiful," a huge hit from their debut studio album nearly ten years ago, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, with the crowd belting out the chorus along with them, demanding more!

Both Superstars, Nikki Sixx and DJ Ashba, took command as they switched back and forth across every inch of the stage, often overshadowing James Michael, but his roaring vocals and Billy Idol-esq looks prove that he has a "Rebel Yell" all on his own to lead this dynamic group. DJ Ashba, an insanely talented guitarist with mad skills, rattled off guitar solos up close and personal as he stepped into the pit platform, which were clearly the highlights of the set. His piercing blue eyes and radiant smile made every woman scream with delight! Their high-energy persona and constant engagement with the crowd, Sixx:A.M. was by far the best performance at BFD 2016, which dwindled down for the next two bands to follow.

James Michael was a little stunned when he asked the crowd how many of them were seeing Sixx:A.M. for the first time. From the show of hands, it was more than half of the audence, but I suspect after this outstanding performance most of them will be back to see them when they return to Dallas in the fall.

With the end of Motley Crue for Nikki Sixx and Guns N' Roses for DJ Ashba, you can expect great things from Sixx:A.M. as their latest album is finally their sole focus. With Dustin Steinke onboard as their official drummer, this band is finally putting all other obligations aside to focus on Sixx:A.M., not only as a side project but as a true American Hard Rock Band, who is finally ready to Rock! After nine years, four studio albums with the fifth coming later this fall, and three EP's, it is about time for the world to really hear what this band is all about and for their label, Eleven Seven Music Group, to promote this band to be #1 on their roster, an honor that will be well deserved. The rock hits are there along with a loyal fan base... time to escalate Sixx:A.M. into superstardom.