JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

July 8, 2016
Allen Event Center
Allen, TX USA
Review by Annalisa Wildes
Photos by Annalisa Wildes

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots Fly High @ Allen Event Center

The Emotional Road Show Tour has been sold out for months. Twenty One Pilots has become much more popular in the recent months after debuting "Stressed Out And Ride" from their most recent album Blurry Face which was released in May 2015. Their newest single "Heathens," written for the upcoming Suicide Squad film soundtrack has brought them to the number two spot on Billboard charts this week.

The, Ohio natives Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn, took the stage in their classic red blazers, black ties and ski masks singing "Fairly Local" then two songs later singer, Tyler Joseph, comes out dawning all black with a flowered kimono and white 70"s glasses strumming the ukulele to "House of Gold." The diversity of this band goes beyond anything you are used to, from rapping lyrics in "Migrane" to softly singing on the ukulele to the unique melodies played the piano, all while the drummer, Josh Dunn prepares for his trumpet solo, you never know what genre the next song will be. Their song "Lane Boy" states just that with lyrics like, "if it was our
way, we'd have a tempo change every other time change." They want to do music their way and they are proving that doing so, works.

These two have quite a following known as the "Skeleton Clique" these fans go all out to prove their loyalty and these boys want their fans to know they are equally loyal by making sure they are entertained as well as involved in their shows. Tyler states he "wants to create a space where everyone can be apart of." Josh sets up a small drum kit only held up by fans underneath him in the pit, Tyler gets into a "hamster ball" and runs off the stage, on top and throughout the fans. In the middle of the show they moved to a stage at the back of the event center so the fans can feel as if they have front row seats. The show was much more than just music, it was a magic show. Tyler would be on the piano, the stage would go dark, then all of a sudden a single spotlight on a twenty five foot pillar in the middle of the pit shows him climbing to the top.

Yes, their large following may be new but the duo has had long time fans since their first self titled album Twenty One Pilots of 2009. An eleven minute section of the show was strictly for us "original" fans where they played "Addict with a pen," "Johnny Boy," "The Pantaloon" and an all time favorite "Kitchen Sink."

The show was the night after the Downtown Dallas shooting on July 8th. Tyler, being passionate about people and their lives made a heartfelt speech about the events,"...one of the things I never anticipated having to speak about things that are tough to talk about and tragediesā€¦ we want this to be a safe placeā€¦ I want you to know that music can help you get from one place to the next, and when you are listening to music by yourself you are just trying to survive but when you come to a show you are proving that you have made it... I don't know how to fix it, all I know how to do is play shows and write songs and I don't know what kind of changes that brings but we are trying to do whatever we can to bring power and change to this community and this world." This speech preluded "Trees" which, likely, left everyone in tears as if we had just been found after years of being lost from everything we know

This was an incredible show proving what great performers, songwriters, and maybe the most down to earth and genuine artists of this generation. I know I can't be the only one who is eagerly awaiting to see what these brilliant minds will have for us in the future.