JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 7, 2016
House of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Mike DiQuinzio
Photos by Alex Wohleber


The Djentle Art Of Making Enemies

For as long as there have been metal bands, there have been accusations of selling out. Once they emerge from the underground and appeal to a wider audience, the backlash is almost immediate. However, many of the accused are the leading forces in their respective genres; the ones who spearhead the entire movement and forge the path that decides where it will go next. Periphery are one of the latest to be on the receiving end of such accusations. Their latest album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, has been largely praised by critics and fans alike, with the ever-present elitists screaming "sellout" from their side of the invisible line that divides the fanbase. Judging by the turnout at Dallas's House of Blues this weekend, it looked like the only thing they sold out was the venue.

Periphery was the headlining band on the Sonic Unrest tour, and their rabid fans lost their minds as the silhouettes of their heroes took the stage behind a mesmerizing maze of lights that illuminated the crowd. Wasting no time, the band tore into Periphery II's "Scarlet" as singer Spencer Sotelo emerged at the front of the stage. They quickly followed with "Luck as a Constant" from the same album before Sotelo subtly transitioned into the new material by exclaiming "Enough of that old shit!"

Sotelo asked the crowd if anyone had the new album yet, to which he got a near-unanimous affirmative roar. The band then played "The Way the News Goes...." "Marigold," and "Remain Indoors" from their newest album. Impressively, the crowd knew every word to each song despite the album being less than three weeks old. Then again, such is the way when you're a pioneer.

One of the show's highlights was "The Bad Thing" from the Omega half last year's Juggernaut double-LP. The song is an excellent representation of the musicianship of Periphery, showcasing impressive solos and their excellent tone. This led into an equally remarkable performance of "Flatline" before the main set was brought to a close with one of their most popular songs, "Make Total Destroy" and the leadoff single from Periphery III, "The Price is Wrong." It was at this point that the packed floor completely lost their minds and transformed the of the House of Blues into something closer to a prison riot.

Periphery managed to wring even more energy from their fans when they returned for an encore of "22 Faces," "Four Lights," "Stranger Things," and show-closer "Lune." The excitement of the die-hard fans caused Sotelo to claim that this was the best Dallas crowd the band had ever played for, and with good reason. These fans knew every word to every song, old and new, and shouted them at the top of their lungs all night. Whether or not this makes Periphery a sell-out band is debatable, but one thing is for sure: this metal sub-genre will follow them wherever they lead it.

Set List
Luck as a Constant
The Way the News Goes...
Remain Indoors
The Bad Thing
Memento (Haunted Shores cover)
Make Total Destroy
The Price Is Wrong
22 Faces
Four Lights
Stranger Things