JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

September 14, 2016
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Nolan Smith
Photos by Joseph Deleon

Death Cab for Cutie

Pop Rock Explodes @ The Bomb Factory

Death Cab For Cutie played a well-orchestrated 23 song set list to a Sold Out crowd in Dallas at the Bomb Factory on Wednesday night. Proof enough that their faithful fans have been eager for Ben Gibbard (lead singer) to captivate them once again. The band played every song you expected to hear from their two most popular albums as well as a good arrangement of some of their more appealing songs off their other albums which Kintsugi had several songs (their latest Grammy nominated album for Best Rock Album March 2015).

Frontman, Gibbard is a real performing artist (also lead singer with Postal Service). His voice is as true as you remember from the studio albums, his delivery and cadence is right on point. Everything I'd hoped he would be live. What I hadn't expected was for the lead singer to play several guitars (including his solo acoustic performance to a beautiful version of I Will Follow You Into The Dark which was met with an enormous uproar) and to masterfully play the piano for another handful of songs. His talents were on full display. The rest of the band were just as sharp. Everything felt well-tuned and like the band has been playing for weeks and months together to make sure everything was just as it should be. It's hard to find anything really to even criticize or critique negatively about the band.

The stage was set with a larger, expansive, backdrop of the band's name across the center and then the parts of each word spread out in rows like the stripes on an American Flag; only with letters missing from various sections and words leaving the piece as a whole looking like an unfinished crossword puzzle. It looked great, and under the modest yet adequate light show the colors changed and reacted to the different light filters which continued to keep the otherwise static piece more interesting to the eye throughout the show.

All in all, the show was a huge hit from everyone I spoke with and from the reactions throughout the show, it was clear that the band had not only made their faithful followers extremely happy, but they'd likely picked up several new fans as well through the 2 hours set experience. If you get the chance to see Death Cab, definitely go. Can't wait for their next album and see what else is in store for the band.

Set List
No Room in Frame
Crooked Teeth
Why You'd Want To Live Here
The New Year
Black Sun
Ghosts of Beverly Drive
Grapevine Fires
Little Wanderer
No Sunlight
President of What?
Diamond and Teather
What Sarah Said
I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Acoustic Version
I Will Possess Your Heart
Doors Unlocked and Open
You Are a Tourist
Soul Meets Body
Marching Bands of Manhattan
Passenger Seat
Everything's a Ceiling

Southside Ballroom