JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

October 1, 2016
Granada Theater
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Julie McLemore
Photos by Dave Gray

Andy Timmons

Texas Guitarists Tear It Up @ Granada Theater

It was an awesome night of Blues, Rock, and everything in between, as two Texas favorites, The Andy Timmons Band and Chris Duarte hit the stage at the Granada Theater on Saturday night.

Chris Duarte opened the show with an hour-long set that offered something for everyone in the audience. As expected, he delivered some killer Texas Blues that showcased the style he is known for. The set continued with an interesting twist of mid-tempo melodies, and a long instrumental ballad with a darker tonality. The highlight was "Open Up Your Back Door" which really got the crowd going.

The Andy Timmons Band went on around 10:30 and played all 10 songs from their much anticipated new album Theme From A Perfect World. Following the band's successful remake of Beatles classics on their Sgt. Pepper album, we weren't sure what to expect next. Theme From a Perfect World is a never-ending journey through melodicism. Songs like "Ascension" and "Sanctuary" delivered a sweet surge of energy to the place, while songs like "On Your Way Sweet Soul" and "The Next Voice You Hear" evoked emotions you didn't know you had.

Timmons shared the story of how "The Next Voice You Hear" became a song. He had written it for a friend who was in a coma. Upon hearing the song, his friend miraculously awoke from the coma. Moved by the story, the audience applauded.

One of the amazing things about seeing Andy Timmons live is the opportunity to hear his signature tone. He is known for it. The sound at the Granada is good, but the tone in Andy Timmons' hands is the vehicle of emotion in his music. During his set, he played his signature Ibanez guitar then changed to a vintage Strat on a few songs. Excitement filled the air when the intro to "Electric Gypsy" began. Other ATB classics such as, "Super 70's" and "Cry for You" were also played. For the encore, the band did 'chicken pickin' favorite "Farmer Sez" and "Deliver Us" from the Resolution album. The Andy Timmons Band put on an exceptional show.