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November 3, 2016
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
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California Surf Punk Invades Trees

Filmed by Michael Insuaste

How in the world did I end up at TREES Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas Texas on a Thursday night to see an unknown band called FIDLAR? Oh yeah, publicist Peter Quinn with BBGUN encouraged me to "Go See This BAND!" Well, I showed up and found myself at a SOLD OUT SHOW packed with teenagers all the way to the back of the room!

First of all, I had No Idea who Fidlar was, what they played, or what they were about. Walked in totally oblivious to what this band was gonna bring. As I made my way around to the stairs, the band took the stage and the curtains opened to expose the group to a packed house of screaming teenagers with the average age barely 18. You know they love that shit! These were not your run of the mill fans, they were hardcore punk wanna-bees packed like sardines to see their band Fidlar!

Fidlar is a skate punk, garage punk band from Los Angeles, California who are currently signed to three labels... Mom + Pop Music in the US and Wichita Recordings in the UK and Dine Alone Records in Canada. Yep, these young punks are global and wanted. I can see why, they are energetic, wild and spontaneous... but if you ask me, they lack real talent as overall musicians, no matter, their sound and spunk makes up for any shortfall of skill!

The band's name is an acronym for Fuck It Dog, Life's a Risk, a skate mantra gleaned from singer Zac Carper's former roommates. Originally, FIDLAR went under the name 'Fuck The Clock', as referenced in their song "Cheap Beer." The band consist of Brandon Schwartzel (bassist), Elvis Kuehn (guitar/vocals), Max Kuehn (drums) and founding member Zac Carper (guitar/vocals).

Riding high, literally, and having a blast, Fidlar just kicked off their Too Much Tour 2016 that will take them through various cities across the US this fall.

Not sure if I can recommend this band to anyone over the age of 20, no matter... Fidlar has a solid fan base and doing what they want and how they like it! Catch them if you dare!