JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 10, 2016
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andy Laudano
Photos by Andy Laudano

Hair Metal Holiday 2016 - Slaughter, Kix, King's X, Lynch Mob, Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff, Lillian Axe, SuperNova Remnant

Metal Music Marathon At The Bomb Factory

It was a Hair Metal Holiday at The Bomb Factory in Dallas when Slaughter, Kix, King's X, Lynch Mob, Bullet Boys, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff and Lillian Axe and local DFW openers, SuperNova Remnant came to town on a chilly December night.

The great part about an all day festival is you get to see a bunch of different bands for one price. It's great for casual fans as each band basically gets on stage, plays the hits and gets off. The only down side is if you're a super fan of a certain band, they're gonna have a shorter set time so you might not get to hear everything you want.

Local Dallas Christian Rockers, SuperNova Remnant, kicked off the show with their original sound to a hardcore fan base who came out early. Band members, Robbie Gustin on guitar and vocals, Patrick Smith on bass and James Michael McLester behind the kit proved once again they have the goods to perform on a big stage.

Then it was time for guitarist Stevie Blaze and Lillian Axe to take the stage. They got the crowd warmed up with favorites "Misery Loves Company," "Show A Little Love" and the appropriate for the weather "Ghosts Of Winter."

While some might not have been too familiar with Tuff, most hair metal fans know lead singer Stevie Rachelle as the founder of the popular Metal Sludge website. Highlights included the big ballad "I Hate Kissing You Goodbye" and the fun "American Hair Band."

Next up was the seriously underrated Pretty Boy Floyd. They're a fun band with great songs and catchy as Hell choruses. Days after the show and songs like "Your Mamma Won't Know," "48 Hours" and "I Wanna Be With You" will still be stuck in your head.

The Bullet Boys, led by vocalist Marq Torien followed with favorites "For The Love Of Money" and "Smooth Up In Ya.

Ex Dokken guitarist George Lynch and his all star Lynch Mob lineup hit the stage next. It was obvious many in the crowd had come to see Lynch as they hung on every note and solo he played. He rewarded them with a rousing version of Dokken's "When Heaven Comes Down" before ending their short set with "Wicked Sensation."

Houston's King's X are definitely not a "hair metal band," but fans didn't seem to mind. They were just happy to see drummer Jerry Gaskill back on stage after his recent health issues.

One of the greatest live acts in rock music went on next when Maryland's Kix graced the Bomb Factory stage. Unlike some nostalgia act bands, with one or two original members, just going through the motions, Kix is every bit as good today as they were in the '80s. Few bands are their equal when it comes to putting on a high energy show. Vocalist Steve Whiteman is like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps going and going. He's also a great frontman, who knows just how to entertain and interact with an audience. He is hilarious and could easily have a second career as a stand up comedian if he wanted. Their all too short 45 minute set included favorites "Cold Blood," "Blow My Fuse" and the big ballad "Don't Close Your Eyes."

It's not an easy task to follow a set like that, but Slaughter seemed determined to continue the breakneck pace set by Kix. They even brought an "Energizer Bunny" of their own in drummer Zoltan Chaney! This guy is fun to watch as he goes all out to pull off every drum trick he knows, and then some. Singer Mark Slaughter must have found the fountain of youth somewhere as he looked like he hasn't aged a day since the '80s. The hit parade continued with "Spend My Life," "Fly To The Angels" and "Up All Night."

This was a great show with a very fan friendly atmosphere. Members from most of the bands could be seen interacting with fans at the merch tables between sets. Lillian Axe's Stevie Blaze, Tuff's Stevie Rachelle, Pretty Boy Floyd's Steve Summers, George Lynch, Mark Slaughter and even the host for the night, That Metal Show's Eddie Trunk were all out there signing autographs and taking photos with fans.