JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 8, 2016
Myth Night Club
Saint Paul, MN USA
Review by Jeff Mozey
Photos by Jeff Mozey

Steel Panther

Hollywood Cock Rock Bangs The Myth

The Los Angeles rockers, Steel Panther return for another winter night at The Myth in St. Paul, Minnesota. Almost a year ago to the day, the group braved the cold Midwest winter to perform at the same venue. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Steel Panther, the band is a throwback 80's glam metal band with some comedic songs about sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. However, instead of being from the 80's, the band formed in 2000 to bring heavy metal back to the masses.

The people in Minnesota seem to love Steel Panther. At one point during the bands set, singer Michael Starr mentioned that the show was sold out. That did not surprise me knowing that the venue was packed the previous year as well. But what did surprise me was that the show was billed as an all ages show. Besides the explicit sexual banter back and forth between the band members, women usually get on stage and clothing starts to come off. It is the draw for many of their fans and it definitely adds some entertainment value to the performance. However, that being said, I did not see anyone in the venue who appeared to be under twenty-one.

Besides what some people might consider shocking, the band members are very professional at what they do. It would be hard to find another group of guys that gel better live then Steel Panther. They have the stage moves, jokes, and over all music ability down to a tee. "We found our singer back on MySpace, he was only 35" was one of the many funny jokes thrown around during the set. What's great about a live Steel Panther show is that it's more than just playing song after song. So even if you were completely unfamiliar with the music, you would still have a great time. About half way through the set, guitar player Satchel starts playing a guitar solo and then walks up to the drum kit. While playing his solo, Satchell started to step on the kick drum to compliment his guitar playing. He then continued to perform famous guitar licks from "Smoke on the Water," "Sweet Child O' Mine," and other well-known songs.

Just like their last visit, Steel Panther striped down the set for the acoustic song "Girl from Oklahoma."  Michael Starr brought three female participants on stage to sing this song to. The girls got to hear heart felt lyrics like "Hair on your nipples, zits on your box, In Oklahoma city you're considered a fox." The ladies seemed to be having a great time, happily singing all the words right back to Michael. Some of the other staples in the Steel Panther song list were "Gloryhole," "Fat Girl," "Eyes of a Tiger," and of course "Death to All but Metal."

Once you experience a Steel Panther show, you will know what to expect the next time you see them. The stage set looked the same and many of the stage antics were identical to the previous performance. However, this is one of the things that bring fans back time after time. Steel Panther are one of the most entertaining live acts you will ever see. Overall, it was a fantastic show and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time including myself. I look forward to seeing them on their next tour through the area.