JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

February 11, 2017
Three Links Deep Ellum
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Adriana G. Aguilera
Photos by Adriana G. Aguilera

Kerri Luker

Halloween In February For Miss Fortune

On February 11th a sold out crowd gathered at Three Links in Deep Ellum to show support for the drummer of Flametrick Subs Miss Fortune, Kerri Luker. Kerri was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and her friends decided to show their love and support by throwing a benefit concert.

The night was kicked off by the high energy of the punk band the Blood Letters. Lead by front man Mike Laughlin whose attitude and vocals bring you back to a Sex Pistols concert. But the highlight of their set was watching the fun playful chemistry between all of their members with Alan Cook on guitar, Windy Lee on bass and their drummer Turner VanBlarcum. I managed to catch one of their anti-trump stickers that the crowed had fun fighting over.

The second band to hit the stage was Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5. One of the most original bands I have come across in a very long time. When you listen to their Macabaret (Macabre Cabaret) Rock and Roll, which is a genre all of their own, you will not forget them. Spoke with lead singer and guitarist Greg Lewis for a little bit after their set and when he talked about his music he mentioned that "we will work our asses off in the studio until we are completely happy with the outcome and we will not put out anything other that what is perfect" and the detail and passion shows. But Mr. Lewis wouldn't be complete without his Funeral 5 with James Sheratan's hard drums, Rob Metcalfe's guitar and percussion, Dez Desormeaux on sax, Gabe Asher on bass and Jared Willey on keyboards who took the set to a new level by jumping of stage, sticking a mic stand in the middle of the crowd and encouraged the entire room to join in for their closing "Delirium Tremendous."

Swinging death lounge from Las Vegas since 1962 came the reunion of The Necro Tonz. For this special night we saw Mike the Mangler on sax, flute and vocals, Smilin' Jack the Ripper on guitar, on bass and vocals Gloo, drums by Mr. Robin Graves, and of course the lovely Necrophilia Diva of the Dead on lead vocals. Their Jazz macabre sound brought a great mix to the line up and even though they reunited for a night, it seemed as if they had never been apart. Also a big shout out to Necrophilia Diva of the Dead for also being our MC and filling the night it with her dark amazing sense of humor and energy.

The fourth band was the Flametrick Subs accompanied by Satan's Cheerleaders. As we know Kerri Luker, better known as Miss Fortune or the drummer for Flametrick Subs, is why this whole event was put together. Sadly she could not make it for obvious reasons but her spirit was sure felt. Now Mike Condon, on guitar and vocals, along with the great Lefty Demarco on bass, brought a great performance to Three Links and proved why they are one of the favorite rock/psychobilly bands from Austin. Although the best tribute of the night came from James Sheeran (Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5) as he stepped up and played double duty on drums. James Sheeran not only brought life to the drums but also played them standing as a great tribute to his partner in life Miss Fortune, so everyone knew that even if she wasn't physically there she was still at Three Links. Also, the Flametrick Subs wouldn't be whole without the Satan's Cheerleaders who made the trip to Dallas from Austin, Sindee Lu, Vixin Nixon, and Trixie Stix. A special thank you as well goes to Ruby Lamb who helped coordinate the girl’s travels to Dallas.

Finally, the spookgetti western Ghoultown, and headliners of the show closed the night. Now this band that has rocked for 15 years was not only a crowd favorite but a special request by Miss Fortune as they had often played with Flametrick Subs over their careers. They brought their high energy to a packed room lead by Lyle Blackburn on vocals and guitar, Jake Middlefinger on lead guitar, Lizard Lazario on acoustic guitar and vocals, Santi on bass and vocals, Randy Grimm on trumpet and Dalton Black on drums. It was not just great seeing this guys play but it was rather special to see the friendship, love and energy the band put into their performance.

The event was put together by the efforts of Miss Necrophilia Diva of the Dead (Colleen Morgan) and James Lee. They both have worked tirelessly for months to put on a show were all the proceeds went straight to Kerri. From booking a great line up of artists to reaching out to countless of people for donations for the silent auction these guys did not rest and threw everything they had into making this a great night. This night also could have not happened without the help and generosity of Scott Beggs, the owner and talent buyer of Three Links, who has also donated all the ticket sales to Kerri's cancer fund.

Now there are many concerts you attend that are filled with great music and a party atmosphere, which the Halloween in February completely had, but this night had something better because it was a gathering of people who love and decided to try and make a difference for a special friend. Still, at the end when the only thing left was cleaning up, I spoke to both, Colleen and James, and all they could say was that it didn't matter how tired they were or the sleepless nights but that "the only thing that matters is that we helped Kerri and that she fells the love from everyone." - James Lee.