JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

July 29, 2017
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Tamra Harrison
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Double Vision

Seeing Double @ The Bomb Factory

Shane Zeher - Lead Vocals
Russ D. Contreras - Guitar
Dan Nelson - Keyboards
James Young - Bass
Jason Greene - Drums

There was nothing foreign about it! Talk about an opening act that showed up to “win the race.” The stage performance provided by Shane Zeher was an energy that would make having those front row seats well worth it and justifiable to the pocket book. 

Provided the opportunity to open for the headlining band, Killer Queen, Double Vision owned their roll! Getting the audience both involved and ready to rock was a complete success down to the set list order being well thought out.

A highly recommended show for any live music enthusiast! These guys slammed the door on a phenomenal performance through a personal favorite, “Hot Blooded.” Receiving a full house standing ovation they took a bow in gratitude. Great show guys!

Double Vision - A Tribute to Foreigner

With a venue as large as The Bomb Factory one could safely assume that they provide both lights and sound.  Having worked along side guitarists and understanding the body language between band members, there was a sense of frustration with the sound being off the first two songs. The lighting, well if it were up to me someone would have lost his or her job. As a fan, or simply being a paying customer there is no excuse for the amount of mistakes Double Vision was faced with. Nonetheless, with that being said the possibilities of this venue having had the capability to shred some light on guitarist, Russ D. Contreras and possibly provide keyboardist, Dan Nelson with a touch of colors are highly likely.

Set list:
Double Vision
As Cold As Ice
Dirty White Boy
Juke Box Hero
I Want To Know What Love Is
Hot Blooded