JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

December 8, 2017
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Tabetha Prince
Photos by Will Crews

Born & Raised

Born & Raised


Upon my arrival to Gas Monkey Live, Born & Raised had just finished their first song "Left for Dead." What I heard, sparked my interest instantly! Then I'll be damned if I wasn't WOWed yet again with the second song “King Hate." This song was a pretty angry song, I mean hell we've all had that kind of volatile relationship that seemingly kicks our ass emotionally. The crowd roaring, horns in the air, Born & Raised shredding into "Endless Endeavor!"

The challenging changes musically are not only a band favorite but their fans as well! B&R actually had to play an arrangement of half of the song to get this badass masterpiece worked into their set. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the whole song live again. Just sayin’! In closing, they demanded the crowd’s attention with "Deceived!" I can’t help but wonder who "Deceived" them… and why? Whatever may have happened paid off because this was a killer song to end their show.

Big Jon – Guitar
Carlos – Guitar
Fox – Drums
Vinay – Bass